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Dodgers Plan on Getting to Work Right Away on Implementing New Rules and Changes

The MLB is implementing a few major rule changes in 2023. Among them are the banning of the shift, the addition of a pitch clock (to try to speed up the game), a pitcher only being able to throw to first base twice per at-bat (to try to speed up the game) and bigger bases (to encourage stealing?).

Opinions have varied across the league on the new rules, however, whether people like them or not, the new rules are here to stay. So, the teams will have to adjust accordingly.

The Dodgers have always been a team at the forefront of adjusting to rule changes or nuances in the game. They shifted more than anyone when it was allowed, and will now have to readjust their game plan. Dodgers third base coach Dino Ebel was on local radio this week, and spoke about how the team is planning on adjusting to the seemingly “new game.”

Q: is this going to be a new game we all have to learn again?
“I think so. We’re going to start in spring training. We’ll get the clocks out there and every umpire I talked to last year at third base, they all are getting great reports on the times of the games and how pitchers can speed up. Now there’s going to be so many pick plays you can pick over there. But I’m hearing from umpires that came up and down from Triple-A, they haven’t heard too many complaints. Is there going to be an adjustment for both sides in the batter’s box and on the pitcher’s mound? Absolutely. But that starts day one in spring training and we’re already starting up meetings talking about getting our guys ready when the season starts. I think it’s going to be good for the game by speeding it up.”

Ebel also spoke about the bigger bases and adjusting to those new rules.

“There’s also going to be bigger bases. That’s probably going to be a little bit strange at first. We’ll see what it does in spring training and we’ll have them out there and players will start getting used to playing baseball with bigger bags.”

So overall, Ebel seems pretty okay with the new rules, and at least has heard some good reviews from umpires. He, along with the rest of the Dodgers staff, will be putting their heads together this spring, as they try to put the Dodgers in a position to take advantage of the new rules in 2023 and beyond.

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