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Dodgers Plan to Visit the White House to Celebrate the 2020 World Series Win

The Dodgers may finally get their opportunity to visit the White House to celebrate the 2020 World Series win. Months after they hoisted the Commissioner’s Trophy in Texas, the team is making plans to visit the President on their road trip next week. 

The Dodgers will head out to Washington D.C to play the Nationals next week after the Giants series. Dave Roberts talked about the possibility of a White House visit on Friday afternoon before their game against the Cubs. 

The visit was obviously be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, the Dodgers would have already had their chance to get their photo-op with president Joe Biden. But Doc is just hoping that Vice President Kamala Harris will be there too. 

It’s going to be a smaller number, obviously with protocols, but we’re pretty hopeful it’s going to happen. …We still don’t have complete finality. I’m personally excited if the opportunity presents itself. I think our coaches and players are as well. I hope the Vice President, Kamala (Harris), is there. I’d love to meet her as well as the president. It’s an honor. Any champion gets that opportunity, most champions get that opportunity, so it’s something I’ve always dreamed about.

None of the teams that won a championship during the pandemic were able to make their visit to the White House. That includes the Lakers following their win in the bubble last season down in Orlando. The Dodgers would be the first major sports team to return if they are able to pull it off next week. 

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It’s unclear right now how many people would be allowed to come with the Dodgers if they were to visit. But it would be players and coaching staff that were part of the 2020 team. As of now, that’s still a lot of people to fit in. 

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  1. Uhhhh, I think the real reason why no championship teams wanted to visit the White House last year was because they did not want to meet occupant at that time and did not want to be served McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Diet Coke.

  2. I want to see this!!!
    I have been a Dodger fan forever-grew up in LA; moved to DC area due to my husband being in the US Coast Guard.
    Will they have a press conferrence outside? (she asked hopefully…!)

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