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Dodgers: Players Being Sent Home From Spring Camps

The Dodgers are getting a little more clarity on what their next steps are. Major League Baseball’s Player’s Union sent out a memo detailing what the players can or should be doing over the course of the next few weeks. The players will not be limited in where they are allowed to go from here.

Jorge Castillo further clarified the status of the team in a tweet on Friday. The Dodgers are indeed being sent home, should they wish to leave camp.

One of the most important things to note here is that Dodgers’ players before could potentially stay in the area of Spring Training if they so choose. Players at this time are not being required to remain with the teams by any means. Dave Roberts stressed that he had hoped players would stick around to stay in shape, and Andrew Friedman confirmed they would be able to do so

Dodgers players will be allowed to head back to their homes if they decide to. Many players live in Southern California, but there are also a decent amount of players that live outside of the state. A few guys already live in Arizona, so not much of a change for them.

Ken Rosenthal also went on to acknowledge that he is also hearing that same in regards to baseball starting back up. He believes it is unlikely that MLB will begin games just two weeks after the scheduled Opening Day. The Dodgers were supposed to star on March 26th.

Baseball will continue to be on hiatus until the league is able to figure out how to proceed. The Player’s Union is scheduled to meet with the commissioner this weekend, and the Dodgers should know more by Sunday. 

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