Dodgers: Joe Davis Gives Fans a Hiatus Update

The Dodgers’ baseball hiatus is getting to more than just the players and coaches. Play-by-play announcer Joe Davis took to Instagram stories on Friday to update fans with his free-time plans and what he will be doing until baseball kicks back up.

That’s right, Joe Davis is just like us. He misses baseball and now has a lot of free time left with the Dodgers not playing games. Davis is also an announcer with Fox and often does college football and basketball games when he’s not calling baseball. 

If you follow Davis on Instagram, you would know that he has made quite the hobby out of smoking meats in his backyard. Most Dodgers fans enjoy watching Davis cook when he takes the time to post on his stories. He discussed the hobby in his video.

I know everybody’s kinda asking themselves ‘what do we do now?’ I know I’m asking that, I ask my wife okay. The next week or two or month or months or whatever this is. What do I do? The first answer to that is to take advantage of some bonus time home. Hang out with the kids. But also, even though it’s rainy and nasty. Let’s just cook a bunch of meat. 

Maybe you find comfort in the fact that Joe Davis is just like us and is looking to fill the time until Dodgers baseball is back. If that’s you, give him a follow on his (@joedavispxp) Instagram. Davis promised to provide some life updates there as we go along during this weird time.

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