Dodgers’ Playoff Moment: Jackie Robinson Steals Home In 1955 WS

In today’s installment of Dodgers’ playoff moment we take you back to the 1955 World Series where in Game 1 versus the New York Yankees, Jackie Robinson did the unthinkable, well maybe routine for Robinson, but to everyone’s amazement he stole home.

It was the bottom of the eighth and the Dodgers were down 6-3. After a Dodger lead off single, Robinson was able to reach second base on an error. After a sacrifice fly scored a Dodger run and moved Robinson to third base, he surprised everyone in the crowd as he took off for home.

Was he out? Was he safe? Yankees’ legend Yogi Berra swears Robinson was out as well as many others, but a few different pictures show that he was truly safe and yet it stands as one of the most exciting plays in baseball history.

The Dodgers went on to lose that game and went down in the series 2-0, but roared back to win their first ever World Series and finally beat the Yankees

In his major league career, Robinson stole 197 bases during his 10-year career as he the 1955 World Series was his only championship. However, of the 197 stolen bases, Robinson stole home a whopping 19 times as he was known for his speed during his time with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Take a look at Robinson’s great play:

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