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Dodgers Playoffs: Dave Roberts Names NLCS Games 1 and 2 Starters

For the National League Championship Series, Dave Roberts and the Dodgers are once again going with the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach. Today, Doc named right-hander Walker Buehler as the club’s game 1 starter.

This will be the third straight series Buehler has opened this postseason, which has understandably worked out well. Roberts also confirmed that ace Clayton Kershaw will follow Buehler for game 2.

Beyond games 1 and 2, however, Dave is once again keeping it open for game 3. In the Wild Card round, LA didn’t need a game 3 starter but for the decisive game 3 start of the division series, the club opted for rookie right-hander Dustin May in an opener role. And that’s along the lines of something we can expect again this series.

Also of note, when asked about the role Julio Urias has played for the Dodgers this postseason, Dave added that the lefty will continue to “pitch very meaningful innings.” This likely continues his role as a bulk guy for the club, which he’s been very successful with thus far.

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The NLCS opens play on Monday, October 12, with first pitch scheduled for 5:08 PM PT on Fox. We know Buehler will be on the mound for LA while Atlanta expects to go with lefty Max Fried, who’s coming off a breakout season for the Braves.

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  1. Don’t D**k around this series. Have May and Gonsolin start and go at least 6. That strategy in game 3 was stupid whether we won or not. There’s no reason to have bullpen games when we got 4 starters.

    1. I agree. There is no drop off from our 1,2 guys to our 3,4 guys. May and Gonsolin pitched as well or better than Buehler and Kershaw all year. And they can handle the pressure just as well. Why jerk around with bullpen games? Other teams have one or two hot shots and then a big drop off lower in the rotation. We have 4 strong guys. We should use at least 3 as regular starters and probably 4 in a best of seven. Urias should remain as a long releiver to bail out anyone who gets in trouble. As in years past he has been outstanding in that role in the postseason.

  2. I exactly agree with both of you, we have been here before and Dave Roberts has cost us DEARLY including a World Series. You don’t play LITTLE LEAGUE ideas at this day of professional baseball, Buehler, Kershaw Gonsolin, May, Verdugo , Jurias, Kelly. Don’t bring in Jensen to put runs on the board. Kenely Jensen has gave his heart for the Dodgers and returned. He has been through a lot of Dave Roberts worst Chemistry of bull pen magic. Roberts don’t do it right this year he can go back to Manny Machado and the Padres.Been a Los Angeles Dodger fan since 1954 went to the Los Angeles Coliseum to watch Walter Alston bring WORLD SERIES TROPHIES HOME LIKE GROCERIES..

  3. I agree w all of what’s been said here. I understand using an opener for Urias, but don’t use one of our starters, use a bullpen guy that matches up well with the top of their order .
    And why did Gonsolin not see any playing time? At least get him into one or two innings to break the ice of pitching in the playoffs!

  4. Gonsolin continues to get screwed. He has been more effective than either May or Buehler. I see another crash and burn as 1988 gets further in the rear view mirror.

  5. Let’s hope that Doc just looks toward the finish line and not let “feelings” dictate his decisions. We’ve got some good horses….let’s use our best ones and let em run. Doc has a lot of knowledge in his head and there’s a lot of knowledge in his coaches, but he has to listen to them. Good luck guys and go get em. We’re pulling for you.

  6. Agree with the comments above. Gonsolin no innings May one inning. I don’t get it. With all the ball pen acquisitions we really don’t have a solid closer. Notice the HRS are way down. You face the best pitchers in the playoffs and you must learn to play a different kind of Baseball. The ball also is not flying out and the stadium is bigger in Texas. Not like Dodgers home park.

  7. I would move Buehler to the no. 3 spot giving the blister a little more time. Keep Kershaw in the no. 2 spot and start May, and go from there. And hope the bats keep hitting.

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