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Dodgers Poll: Latest Look Shows Fan Don’t Approve of LA’s Offseason So Far

Patience is running thin for Dodgers fans. While there is still plenty of time left in the offseason, the Dodgers still remain in the back of the pack for fans.

Perhaps the newest addition of Miguel Rojas may change some minds, but for now a poll shows fans overwhelmingly don’t believe the team has been up to par. Many players have left and the team has done little to replace with the star level caliber fans have been hoping for.

In a recent poll we ran on Twitter, the fan base aired its grievances with the team and the direction of this offseason. In short, people do not approve of what they’re seeing.

Of course, this comes at the heels of the team remaining content with signing low-risk deals. The rest of the offseason will likely remain the same and Dodgers fans will have to continue waiting for a splash deal.

This doesn’t rule out the possibility of the team making a move during the regular season. The Dodgers love making moves prior to the trade deadline which have brought in guys like Mookie Betts, Max Scherzer and Trea Turner.

Dodgers fans have little to worry about with the team locked and loaded for a potential blockbuster move. The offseason is going to be a long one but the Dodgers will be right back in the championship conversation in no time.

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  1. If they get below the cbt reset at least there is a purpose that will provide flexibility going forward. If the don’t they have made a complete mess of things for this year and next. Pitching and offense are down. The only upsides 1 or 2 of the young guys will make a smooth transition, Muncy and Taylor can’t be worse, Mookie and Freddie can’t be much better.

  2. nothing will help as long as Roberts is manger.. NOTHING!!! he is a proven loser.. can’t handle the big game.. look at his record.. wake up!!

    1. kk, you are right on but we’re stuck since Roberts got that extension last season. Best to just go with what the Dodgers have now. This team makeup is going to surprise many and be near the top of standings all season long.

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