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Dodgers: Popular Giveaway Item Returns With a Twist

Dodgers fans will always show up, regardless of the day of the week, for a giveaway. Bobble head giveaways are always a crowdpleaser, but fans in Los Angeles will head to Chavez Ravine regardless of what’s being given away.

And for good reason. among the many giveaways in Major League Baseball the Dodgers stand alone. The team constantly goes above and beyond to please their fan base, both with team quality and giveaway quality.

if you were one of the fans lucky enough last year to get one of the replica World Series rings, congrats to you. if you were unable to get one last year, the Dodgers are here to help.

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The team announced that on August 23 they will be giving out replica World Series rings once again. but the Dodgers are putting a little bit of a twist on it in 2022.

Rather than receiving the 2020 World Series ring like everyone else did last year, it will be a surprise. Dodgers fans could receive a ring from any of the teams World Series wins.

That includes 1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, 1988, or 2020. The randomness alone should draw in Dodgers fans from all over that night. They’ll take on the Brewers in the evening on that giveaway day. Don’t miss out!

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