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Dodgers: Potential Discipline for Justin Turner Could Be Coming

The Dodgers might be getting close to finding out what is going to happen to Justin Turner. Just over a week after he celebrated the World Series on the field with a positive COVID-19 result, MLB and the Player’s Association sound like they are close to a resolution. 

Ken Rosenthal of The Atheltic is reporting that the league should be making a decision in the coming days. While there is a potential discipline expected, the extent of that is not known. The matter is further complicated by the fact that Turner is technically a free agent and not a part of the Dodgers at the moment. 

Rosenthal went on to wonder if the situation would change Justin Turner’s approach to free agency. That seems like a moot point given that JT is pretty much expected to resign with the Dodgers. If he did receive some sort of suspension, I seriously doubt that would change Los Angeles’ interest in bringing him back on a short-term deal. 

The good news is that we’re possibly just a few days away from hearing the end of this situation. Turner has dominated the news cycle since the Dodgers won the World Series, and that’s all there has been to talk about since then. Given that this situation is sort of unprecedented, not many know how the league will approach the punishment part of this. 

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  1. #REDTURN10 doesn’t deserve any punishment whatsoever regarding his celebrating with his teammates. If there is punishment due anyone it is the front office of Major League Baseball and the commissioner Rob Manfred who deserves discipline. If y’alls reporters need something to talk about well, belly up to a favorite tavern and fabricate a few good stories for your readers.

  2. What kind of punishment did the ASStros get from Manfreck? JT should get the same….Manfreck should be fired for allowing the bubble to be breeched….

  3. So let me get this straight…it’s OK to cheat and not be disciplined but, to go out on the field with players/coaches who you’ve been around for 7 days is a criminal offense? A pandemic overreach….?

  4. Would you feel the same about this situation if any of your family members got infected by him? Don’t think so. This has nothing to do with the Astros. And him being a free agent shouldn’t matter. He was with the team when it happened. Even as a Dodgers fan I was thinking what’s he doing on the field? It’s not like he broke his leg and was advised to leave. It’s covid!

  5. Who would admire and pay millions to someone who breaks the rules, has no respect for others, doesn’t give a sh** about his alleged colleagues and friends?
    I am appalled that the Dodgers – “my team” for 70 years – has been so negligent and cavalier about this! What is the lesson the Dodgers leadership wants to send to its fans????

    1. As I have already stated, MLB and Manfred should be disciplined for the safety bubble not being a safe place at all.

  6. We know what Manfredi has done. We do not yet know all the details on what Turner did. We do know, tho, that Roberts was very close to Turner and has twice tested negative and that so far it has not been announced that anyone at all in the celebration party has tested positive. We know it has been stated Turner got out of the “quarantine” room to join in the rejoicing but we do not know how, who was “guarding” that room ( MLB personnel or others), how or i they tried to prevent or whether there was anyone there

    These are facts that investigations are supposed to uncover but to accuse Turner at this point of anything absent any evidence that he actually violated anything is premature. Who knows maybe the door was open/unguarded, maybe someone voluntarily let him out. Maybe something lse a bit more incriminating but wait until more details before forming a judgment on Turner

    Majority of people seem to be in agreement that the Commissioner should retire or resign

    To bad for Shoeless Joe Jackson and the famous 8 Men Out re the 1919 World Series did not have Manfredi as the Commissioner. Manfredi has shown that cheating at games is not a punishable offense but violating one of HIS rules is a different story

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