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Dodgers Prospect to Start Offering Hitting Lessons This Offseason

The 2020 year has brought challenges all over baseball, but none more so than at the minor league level. Players hoping to make an impact on their organization by playing well in the minor leagues were instead forced to sit out the entire season, with many not being paid at all. Luckily for Dodgers prospects, they were paid a little along the way to help keep them afloat through the pandemic. 

Dodgers outfield prospect DJ Peters is certainly one of the guys hit by the lack of minor league baseball in 2020, and he’s gotten a little creative with his training. He announced today via his Instagram account that he will be offering hitting lessons during this offseason.

The Dodgers number 11 overall prospect is working with EM Speed & Power in Rancho Cucamonga to offer lessons to fans all over. And if you’re going to take hitting lessons, Peters is probably a great guy to take them from. Since he was drafted in 2016, Peters has slugged 92 homeruns in 3 professional seasons. 

At 6-foot-6 and weighing 225 pounds, Peters is a mammoth of a man patrolling the outfield. Despite his size, most experts predict that Peters will still be a plus-defender in a corner outfield position long-term. While he probably would have already made a contribution on most other teams, the Dodgers have been really deep at the outfield position for a long time. Expect him to make some contributions in 2021. 

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  1. Unfortunately, DJ is blocked for the next three years by the contract signed by AJ. It’s a shame because, unless either he or AJ gets traded, we won’t see what Peters can do with a steady gig in the Show.

    1. As the 4th outfielder, he will get at-bats against a left-handed pitcher. He will also play when, Bellinger, Pollock, and Bettis get days off as long as he hit and get on base.

  2. Taylor will probably sub for Bellinger and possibly Betts more often, unless Seager gets injured or they decide that Lux still isn’t ready for second. It Pollock tanks we might see Peters get some regular at bats. Otherwise…he will be like Pedersen-light in his playing time. I’m surprised they don’t give him a try at 1st, especially if Turner doesn’t reup and they go with Rios at third. As they always say “you can’t teach height.” Of course, this is all subject to change come March.

  3. To extend ANYONE this year, the Dodgers might have to trade Pollock. According to Spotrac, Pollock will cost $18 mil in 2021, $13 mil in 2022, and $10 mil in 2023. Would DJ be a better option in LF? Pollock can hit RHP. DJ needs to learn how.

    Having said that, the scouting reports on DJ and Cody Thomas is that both hit for power, both are fast and athletic enough to play a corner position, and both have cannons for arms. So, how about later in 2021 or going into 2022, the Dodgers get a return on Muncy (like buying a stock dirt cheap and selling it at a premium), move Bellinger back to 1B, DJ and Thomas to the corners, and Betts to CF…?

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