Dodgers Rumors: Olney Weighs in on Nolan Arenado to LA Trade Chatter

Maybe Nolan Arenado won’t be a Dodger by Christmas after all? In his Sunday notes column, ESPN senior writer Buster Olney weighed in on the Nolan Arenado to Los Angeles trade rumors, saying there were ‘monumental impediments’ in a potential blockbuster trade for the all-star third baseman.

We discuss Buster Olney’s comments on a Nolan trade, and the likelihood of a deal getting done for the 8-time gold glove award winner. Plus, who will ultimately man the hot corner for LA next season?


As the calendar turns to December, the MLB hot stove could start heating up in earnest over the next week or so. However, with the state of the game following billions in financial losses across the league, this winter could prove to be one of the bleakest ever.

If the Dodgers are out on this Arenado deal, could JT be enough for another few seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. This deal is not going to happen for many reasons from the Dodger point of view. But as to any reticence from Colorado to trade to a team in the same division – forget it. Normally they wouldn’t like it, but in this case they are stuck with an unhappy $30 million a year player who just might even be in decline. They’ll get rid of him in an eye blink if the Dodgers are foolish enough to throw in a sack of beans.

  2. The off season is a time to get better, not stay the same! Dodgers need to resign Turner and play him at second base, and go after a big right handed bat to play third! Even if Arenado is declining, four years of declining Arenado is better then any 3rd baseman on or off the market. Make the deal!

    1. I totally agree with you. Desperately need a power righty in the lineup. Turner has been great but his time is coming to an end.

    2. JT will not be or play ANY 2nd base. Not with his age and leg issues. But I agree on a RH power bat that HITS LHP. If the DH remains in the NL that makes a decision on JT much easier, wss.

    3. Turner can’t play second anymore. Hasn’t been able to for awhile. You need quick fielders up the middle

    4. He’s on record saying he would play 1st base for the right guy. However, we still have to re-sign him to even make that a possibility. Max can slide over to 2nd…

  3. The Rockies are in a horrendous position and so is Arenado (aside from the guaranteed money.)
    1) The no trade means that Arenado is going to veto any trade except to the team he wants to go to. The Rockies have no say in the matter.
    2) If the Rockies keep Arenado and he has another great year, he can opt out and probably get the same deal from the Dodgers, assuming that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his career with a team that won’t win anything.
    3) The Dodgers can live without Arenado for another year and get him at the same financial price for the rest of his contract next season after he opts out. No prospects at all … probably just a draft choice.
    4) Although they can’t tamper … we all realize there are ways to deliver messages … the Dodgers and Arenado will sign a new deal … after he opts out following the the 2021 season.
    5) There is one thing to consider that may make all of this talk moot. If Rios has the kind of monster season that he just may be capable of having in 2021, all bets are off.
    5) One important

  4. Yes! Keep Justin Turner. He is still good. Look how good he was this last season. He helped win the WS along with the awesome team we have. Look how good he is in the club house and on the field. He is BLUE through and through. Yes he is a year older but he still has it people. Please don’t give up on him.

  5. I really do think that the LA DODGERS should keep Justin Turner. He is a great player and is what you may call a leader, everyone listens to him and has a lot of respect for him Joc Peterson should not be traded either. He has a lot of potential too

  6. Nolan Arenado is by far the best 3rd baseman in MLB! If the Dodgers can get him, four or five more World Series Championships would be coming to LA.

    1. Ok, so a little bit better in the field over JT, but I live in Colorado and despite his higher batting average over JT, he is a TERRIBLE clutch hitter, dramatically worse than JT. I’ll take at least another year of JT.

      1. Get JT for 2 years. Give Ruiz a chance to hit. Go after some quality top relief pitchers. Hoese is 2 years away from the bigs. Hold that 3b position open another year. That might be Corey’s position in a few years. Keep that financial flexibility available. You can’t tie up the cap until the top of the relief pitching corp has been taken care of.

  7. I don’t think Nolan, with an opt out after one more season, and given his stats in 2020, is worth raiding the Dodger farm system for. I think it makes more sense to move Cory Seager over to 3B and then signing Francisco Lindor to play SS. That puts two comparable bats in the lineup, makes the right side of the infield younger (sorry, Justin), and saves the farm depth at AA and AAA.

  8. Every player adds value to the team. Some add value with their bat, some with their glove, and some with in other ways, such as how they improve other players, provide leadership in the dugout, earn the love of fans, and are able to help in multiple ways. The Dodgers need to have more than the best third baseman, the best shortstop, etc.; rather, they need to have the best team. Turner adds a lot of value. Seager adds a lot of value. If we can sign Turner for a reasonable amount, we are set at third base. If we can extend Seager for a reasonable amount, we are set at shortstop, at least until he needs to play elsewhere. If we can’t sign them for a reasonable amount, we will just need to look elsewhere and find players who can add value in as many ways as possible. Arenado may be one of those players, maybe not.

  9. The Dodgers should re-sign JT for 2 years with an option on a 3rd year. They have Rios in the wings and rumors are they would like to try Will Smith at 3rd as they either need to trade or bring up Ruiz.
    Plus they have a very good prospect in Mann on the 60 man roster and Hoese coming up fast. The Dodgers have lots of options at 3rd in the farm system. Plus Beaty and Muncy can play 3rd also. Buy a couple of years for the Minor League guys to mature and then bring them up. Rios looks to be a real offensive threat.
    No reason to give the Rockies quality prospects for Arenado who is great defensively but his splits away from CO are not that good.

    1. Honestly when it comes down to it, Arenado is a rumor only and nothing more. Rockies will not find too many teams willing to give up a ton for a guy who can opt out after 2021.

  10. Last year Seager was getting replaced in every rumor reported; this year it’s JT because he’s a FA and hasn’t yet been resigned. It’s tiresome lazy reporting.

  11. When the chips are down I still like to see J T walk into that batter’s box. I keep hearing about his defense slowing down but I didn’t see it this year. If it has, maybe we use him at first base and keep that bat in the line-up and his leadership in the dug out. This guy is too good to just let walk.

  12. Arenado would cost too much, in terms of players, than it would be worth. Play Lux at second and Rios at third then spend our money on pitching.

  13. If he waives the opt-out clause the Dodgers should get him. The Dodgers may have not made the same revenue in 2020 as they did in 2019 but they didn’t have the same expenses. Salaries were adjusted and Dodgers saved about 140 million dollars. Roll it into the equation.

    1. It’s true they saved on adjusted salaries but how much of the team operating budget do you think is generated by 81 home games? In 2020 that number was 0.


  15. Dave D’Orazi: Season ticket holder for 35 years.
    Its time for the Dodgers to spend! The Dodgers struggled at 3rd base for many years.
    Bring the youth in! If the DH comes to L.A. , maybe sign Justin to a 2 year contract.
    Justin Turner has had a great career saving 6 years with the Dodgers, after being released by the Mets.
    It’s time to show his worth to another team. He is just too vurnable for getting hurt. Look at that guy the Angels have signed for years. He is falling apart. The body changes with age. I am sure Andrew Friedman will make the right decision. This is just my opinion! Go Dodgers in 2021!

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