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Dodgers Radio Host Says Mookie Betts Trade is the Good News Los Angeles Needed

Undeniably, the excitement in Los Angeles for Dodger baseball right now is at a fever pitch. In the wake of the Mookie Betts trade that also brought pitcher David Price aboard, the city can’t wait for baseball season to get underway.

For a long time, David Vassegh has covered the Dodgers in the greatest city in the world. Therefore, he can provide a pretty good gauge of the mood and temperature immediately following the trade.

He joined MLB Network to talk about what the mood is like.

Notably, Vassegh mentions that this was the big sports distraction of happiness the city can use. It’s when you read stuff like this that you realize, sports can provide an outlet during tough times.

“This is good news that Los Angeles has sorely needed since a week ago Sunday with the tragic helicopter accident that had Kobe Bryant and his daughter in it. But that is real life, this is sports. It’s a great distraction and Los Angeles is really excited that this really has come to fruition. Where Mookie Betts is coming to Los Angeles, and David Price. They’re so excited, I just got off the air doing ‘Dodger Talk’ and Andre Ethier called into the show. That’s how excited everyone is.”

While no one is suggesting that the Dodgers made the move due to the tragic events of the Bryant crash, it really couldn’t have come at a better time. The city of Los Angeles loves the Dodgers, and baseball season is about to begin. To bring a superstar and exciting starting pitcher to an already star-studded roster definitely will have people waking up in the morning excited. It gives them something positive to think about when they start their day.

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Equally important, it brings an entirely new feel to baseball season beginning; which is just days away if you count pitchers and catchers reporting as that threshold.

Props to the Dodgers, and everyone involved who made this possible. We are grateful!

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  1. Well, what a huge mess it would be if both the deals with Boston and the Angels falls through, as nothing is official and medical issues with some players are involved.

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