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Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Excited to have David Price in Los Angeles

When The Bulldog speaks, you tend to want to listen. On Wednesday, Dodgers legend Orel Hershiser joined the SportsNet LA crew to share some thoughts on the reported blockbuster deal that’s importing Mookie Betts and David Price to Los Angeles from Boston.

In short, Bulldog thinks the Dodgers are adding a couple of good ones to the mix. He first focused in on Price.

You can’t just throw away David Price … to bring some depth back to the rotation after you lose [Hyun-Jin] Ryu and [Kenta] Maeda and Rich Hill. The youngsters coming up, it kind of protects them — and you know, the fact that David Price even only had 21-25 starts at a time over the last few years, that’s OK when you’re a Dodger because of the depth and the talent and the way they really protect people.

Of course, we’ve already had one MLB analyst loving the idea of Price pitching on the west coast against the NL West, and Hershiser shared the same sentiment

You’d have to go back a decade to find a losing season for David Price. Yes his ERA has escalated, but his strikeouts to innings is still at a high. His ability to throw strikes is at a high, so he will be able to live in the strike zone more … so if you’re talking about a guy that strikes out more than a batter an inning already with people that know him in a tougher division, in a tougher ballpark, and you move him to the National League West with the big ballparks, it’s gonna be an upgrade.

The narrative of the NL West has always been that teams have struggled to score runs, especially with the large fields like Chase Field, Dodger Stadium, and whatever they’re calling that place in San Fransisco these days.

In his career against National League opponents, Price has a 15-12 record with a fine 3.42 ERA over 244.2 innings. Lifetime at NL West ballparks, his ERA sits at 3.86 in 46.2 innings pitched. Still, a full season could improve his overall numbers — even at 34-years-old — and that’s exactly what Bulldog expects to see.

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  1. The Bulldog has spoken. And he knows baseball. Pitchers don’t usually become managers, but Hershiser has the smarts to do it.

    1. Hey Dodger106W,while I fully agree with Orel here, this deal as of my posting here is not yet done and there is a snag due to the medical reports on that pitcher (Graterol) from the Twins going to Boston. then the Pederson trade is held up because Joc is unsigned and Angels may want Dodgers to pay a little of what he settles for in arbitration, IDK…

      1. I wouldn’t mind reversing the Pederson deal. As long as it doesn’t directly impact Betts and Price. I thought it was a seperate deal. Without Verdugo, Pederson’s 36 left side home runs look better than before, and we were basically giving him to the Angels, in exchange for scrubby nobodies. I say reverse it and take him back. Along with Stripling. Work a contract to defer some salary to get under the cap. Or rework someone else’s salary to defer some to future years, with some future incentives to make it worthwhile to the player. If the Angels don’t want two quality players for nothing, tell them to go hose themselves.

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