Dodgers: Reacting to Hendriks Contract, Shutting Down LeMahieu Rumors & a Justin Turner Prediction

The news of Dodgers’ one time top free agent target Liam Hendriks’ new contract with Chicago has the guys wondering if the offseason hot stove is finally ready to kick off in earnest.

With that, I make some bold-not-so-bold-but-bold-ish predictions for this week in the offseason. Predictions that involve free agents Justin Turner and DJ LeMahieu, and potentially Los Angeles.


Could this be the week the Dodgers and JT come together again on contract negotiations? He’s back home from a month-long vacation and undoubtedly feeling an even stronger connection to the team he grew up rooting for in the wake of Tommy Lasorda’s passing.

However, if not Turner, is DJ LeMahieu a true backup plan for Andrew Friedman? Don’t count on it. All this and laughing at the White Sox’s overpay for Liam Hendriks. No, seriously. It’s an overpay.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Baseball reference projects Jansen, Graterol, Kelly, Treinen, Alexander, and Knebel all to sport ERAs over 4.00 in 2021. Floro is projected at 3.94. There are a lot of paths to denial, projections are bad science, reliever ERAs are meaningless, and it is likely that some may out-perform their projections, take it for what it is, but none of these guys are projected to be particularly good by this source. The Treinen deal, to me, reminds me a lot of the Kelly deal, a guy with a mediocre history with alternating streaks of dominance and poor performance, paid like a legit 8th inning guy.

    1. I’ve always enjoyed Baseball Reference.
      It’s hard to imagine they’ve predicted such inflated numbers for ALL of our top relievers. If they’re accurate we are doomed.
      Also, my sentiments are similar to yours on Treinen but I do think he’s a good sign. I just don’t see it as a steal as some of these sports writers do.

  2. I kinda have to agree with you regarding Trident.
    I was not all that impressed with his performance last year. He is not very dependable, one visit to the mound might turn out good but then the next one puts us in a really bad place. I also agree that his contract might be somewhat higher than what I would have expected. But, there is always room for improvement, let’s hope that he is up to it.

  3. Another consideration that has to be running through the collective minds of LA’s front office concerning Turner is will they play before a stadium full of fans. 162 games of no ticket, parking and concessions revenue is a lot of money, even for the Dodgers

  4. I’m hoping they can re-sign JT. Maybe 2 years $24M with a club option 3rd year, with a $6M buy-out. That’s $30M guaranteed for JT. I don’t see him getting 4 years from anyone.

  5. We Dodgers fans are spoiled. By any measure, LA had one of the best, if not THE best, bullpen in 2020. But have we witnessed seasons of greatness from Kenley and, before that, Gagne, so our expectations for closers are high.
    That said, of all the FAs, Hendricks was the one I wanted most. Seems the best bet for greatness. Rumor has it Dodgers are still in on Hand. At any rate, a closer-by-committee seems appropriate. Jansen, Knebel, Treinen are veteran closers with a good-to-great track record. Graterol and Victor Gonzales are young guns not yet at their prime. (Hopig Kenley can teach Graterol how to throw a cutter.) Kelly, Floro, Kolarek may round out the BP, and one of Urias, May and Gonsolin will be there unless Roberts opts for a six-man rotation. Also hoping prospects like Gray, Mitch White and others get a chance.

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