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Dodgers: MLB Writer Predicts 2 More World Series Wins for LA in the Next 2 Years

The Dodgers winning their first World Series since 1988 was one of the few good things to come out of 2020. Getting to watch those guys that have worked so hard for so long celebrate that tough-fought victory was incredible. Despite the recency of that win, we’re always looking towards the future with this talented team. 

This week, MLB writer Will Leitch took his best shot at guessing the World Series winner for the next decade. Dodgers fans will love what he has to say as he predicted that they will 3-peat over the next 2 years. After that, he lists one more championship way off in 2028 for Los Angeles. 

2021: Dodgers Over New York Yankees

Of the 2 World Series matchups, this one makes the most sense from Leitch. The Yankees are a perpetual World Series contender, and that doesn’t change heading into 2021. They still have some moves to make to get things right, but a pitching staff anchored by Gerrit Cole is bound for the postseason. New York going head-to-head with the Dodgers would be an incredibly fun matchup for the world to watch, with the two coasts going at it. 

2022: Dodgers Over Los Angeles* Angels

This one might be a little bit more of a reach. Obviously, the Angels could still make a lot of moves to shore up their pitching staff by the 2022 season. But as of now, Anaheim is still a few good pitchers away from making a serious run into the postseason. If they were to meet up with the Dodgers in the World Series as they are now, it would be a blowout of epic proportions. 

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For what it’s worth, Leitch also did this exercise in January of 2020. He predicted that the Yankees would defeat the Braves in the 2020 World Series, so he’s been known to be wrong. The Dodgers knocked the Braves off in the NLCS while the Yankees barely got clipped by the Rays. 

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  1. My own predictions(I did this in 2019)-the Dodgers win the WS in 2020, 2022, 2023, and 2026. We also go in 2028 but lose. The Yankees win in 2021, The Braves in 2024, The Padres in 2025, The Blue Jays in 2027, and the White Sox in 2028 and 2029.

  2. Pitching wins championships. The Dodgers have young pitching with more on the Farm. If the Dodgers do not make it to a WS series in the next decade one of the NL teams with great pitching will. Those teams are Mets, Padres and Braves. It’s all about pitching and of course situational hitting.
    I firmly believe the Dodgers will be in contention for the next decade or beyond with their roster, pitching depth, farm team talent and money. The Dodgers have spent a lot of time and money or building up their Farm Teams with excellent coaching in all aspects of the sport. This is why the Angels are not in contention they have not had the foresight to spend the money to build a first class Minor League organization with outstanding coaches.
    In the American League the White Sox are a big market team that may become dominant as their ownership looks to be interested in winning. The Yankees have some Luxury Tax and money management issues.

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