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Dodgers Rearrange Starting Rotation to Give Julio Urias an Extra Day

With one final game in St. Louis, the Dodgers changed course a bit ahead of this morning’s game against the Cardinals. Yesterday, Dave Roberts announced that Julio Urias would be pushed back a day and that Thursday’s game would essentially become another bullpen game. He added that Tony Gonsolin would get the bulk of the work in his return from the injured list.

So why change things up? No, it wasn’t because the Padres are coming to Los Angeles this weekend for three games. It was a bit of that famed workload management for Julio, among other variables.

Just kind of looking at Julio’s workload and getting Tony back online — how it worked out — we just felt that we wanted to get Tony back online. And I think that if you look out at planning the rest of the season, it just made sense for us.

Urias has already blown past his career-high in starts with 27 and innings pitched with 156.1 this season. Before the season, pitching coach Mark Prior mentioned that the goal was to keep the 24-year-old under the 200 innings mark but pitching staff injuries and losses have forced the team to alter the course a bit. Still, as recently as last week, Doc Roberts mentioned that he wasn’t overly concerned with Julio’s workload as he had been great at staying on top of his health between starts.


With the Dodgers set to return home to Dodger Stadium for the second to last homestand of the regular season, the weekend rotation now lines up as follows.

  • Julio Urias (16-3, 3.11 ERA)
  • Walker Buehler (13-3, 2.31 ERA)
  • Max Scherzer (13-4, 2.28 ERA)

The Padres could send Chris Paddack, Joe Musgrove, and possibly Blake Snell to the mound.


  1. Oh thank goodness. Because of course the most important thing here is for Julio to get more beauty sleep.

  2. @ this point in time and in the standings, Roberts and the Dodgers (but mainly Roberts) is just going through the motions.

    1. oh please…they just have two consecutive games where they battled back during their last at bat and just fell short of tying the game by one run and two runs respectively…..hardly throwing in the towel….but lets get matt beatty up here…the dodgers could use him more than another not ready for prime time pitcher from OKC

      1. Battled back Paul? I guess your idea of battled back and still losing and mine are somewhat different. There is NO battled back with this team and roberts. They lay down like dogs when it counts the most. Prove me wrong…… There is no other reasonable excuse why Roberts didn’t go all out today and cut the lead to 1.5 games….Just like there is No reasonable excuse why Beaty Rots in OKC while Bellinger, mckinnley, and and the Cast of nothings remain in these line ups…..

    2. Kirk, you are right on and that’s what Roberts and Co. should because honestly they don’t deserve to win division and I predict Snell and the Padres will be sending this team home after that WC game. Reason:
      1. Roberts managing
      2. An offense that will be non existent
      3. Bellinger hurting this team and remaining in lineup batting .160 and striking out a ton.

  3. The Cards have a good squad but the Padres are better… Besides, considering how good our bullpen is, we are tough to beat on a daily basis. And btw, we will win the west!

  4. Besides the Dodgers will get plenty of rest after they lose the WC game. It will be a bullpen game so Buehler can get an extra day. And Roberts will give 3 starters a ‘scheduled’ day off, while making sure Bellinger is in the lineup.

    1. Remember Tim when Russ Martin a few years back had a 4 RBI game? I believe it was the Brewers maybe….Anyways, Barnes was the usual non producting self, and we never saw another start from Martin. He was resting his hot bat in the playoff’s as well. So although your post is a little sarcastic, it’s not that far off either. Spock Roberts is All over the board on any given day, Playoff’s or Spring training doesn’t matter…..

  5. Roberts rewarded Bellinger for his excellent offensive performance by moving him up to the 5 spot from the 8 hole.

    1. The good news is Bellinger didn’t leave anyone on base in his first at bat. No one was on. Bad news is after striking out again, he’s now 0-21.

      1. Tim, I’m just now having breakfast and if that’s the case with Roberts having Bellinger that high in the order they deserve to lose this game and I’m SO SICK OF BOTH OF THEM!

          1. Bellinger’s first AB some of those new tinkers showed up. Whoever the batting coach is that suggested he swing at pitches in the dirt while on One knee with his head pulled out of socket is a genius…

  6. And the Dodgers offensive offense takes another day off. Thank goodness Seager, Smith, and Taylor were on the bench to start this train wreck! Got to get their rest you know.
    Good job resting all the little snowflakes again Dave!

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if you sucked really, really, BAD @ your job and your boss defends you every day???

  8. Like I have said before Roberts is dumb and needs to be fired now. This is a game the players don’t need a day off. They are all weak little babies they could not handle a real job where they had to work. Quit giving up Roberts and get Cody off the team now. He ducks and should not be in the game till he figures out how to hit again. In the off season get more starting pitching and fire Roberts. Keep Max as he is to good to let the Giants or Padres from getting him. Once again fire The idiot Roberts now.

  9. Not just Julio also Buhler,Scherzer getting extra day off..Julio is not tired he could have pitch against cards and giving us a chance at being 1.5 games out,Buhler and Scherzer 1st 2 games against padres with Kershaw pitching against padres not the lowly diamondbacks. Kershaw if only 4 innings would still be better than a bullpen game.Dodgers won’t win a wild card game vs Padres cause Roberts managing and these prima donnas don’t wanted that much.Taking all those days off.Would have love to see Roberts telling Kirk Gibson to take the day off.

    1. No kidding Luis, tell GIBBY he needs rest…….But Tommy would have never been so stupid regarding the situation that they created this season with this line up…Just pathetic…

  10. Roberts and star players disrespect the fans. As fans we pay to see the starts and by Roberts sitting them they should gives half of the money we pay back.

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