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Dodgers: Reds’ Trevor Bauer Still Heated at MLB Over Free Joe Kelly Cleats

You might remember a few weeks ao when the Reds’ Trevor Bauer came to the defense of Joe Kelly. When the Dodgers’ pitcher was issued a huge suspension after inciting a benches-clearing incident with the Astros, Bauer was quick to act. He even went as far as buying custom cleats that said “Free Joe Kelly” on the side, planning to wear them in a game.

Major League Baseball essentially told Bauer that if he wore those cleats, he would be heavily fined and suspended. As a result, Bauer ended up giving away the cleats to a fan and sold shirts to support a charity of Kelly’s choice. The Dodgers’ pitcher ultimately ended up getting a five-game suspension after an appeal. 

Now, Bauer is going off again. The Mariners’ Dee Gordon was wearing IN-N-Out themed cleats in a game this weekend, and the league seemed fine with it. In fact, one of their official accounts even promoted the cleats. Bauer jumped all over it, citing his support for the Dodgers’ reliever as something the league was against. 

It seems strange that the league would set a standard and not follow it, but it wouldn’t be the first time. It also wouldn’t be the first time that things didn’t go the Dodgers way in the league having different standards. The Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman just had a significantly smaller suspension issued for arguably a more egregious act. 

As expected, the league has not said anything publicly to Trevor Bauer in regard to his outburst. 

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  1. Yep Manfred is in charge is incompetent and vindictive. Its quite a fad in the US these days…

  2. I like Trevor Bauer and anyone else who is politically incorrect enough to stand up for what is right, and point out injustices. I personally support PLM (Pitchers Lives Matter). When the Astros stole the world series it turned Yu Darvish’s career upside down. His career with the Dodgers ended and he struggled big time. Until this year. Now he is back on track and competing for a Cy Young. When cheaters know what pitch is coming it not only affects wins and losses, it also affects individual careers. I’m glad Darvish is back on track after the Astros nearly destroyed his career.

  3. I wonder if Gerritt Cole and Anthony Rendon are having second thoughts about who they signed with in the off season? I wonder what the Dodger’s record might be if Bellinger, Muncy and Peterson were even 1/3 as good as they were last year?

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