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Dodgers Reliever Says Giants Rivalry Is a ‘Different Level’ Than Red Sox-Yankees

The Dodgers and Giants have one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports. It’s a rivalry that even dates back to the 19th century. Last year, the arch rivals took center stage as they battled it out in the 2021 NLDS. 

Friendly reminder, the Dodgers clinched the series in five…in San Francisco no less.

Dodgers reliever Evan Phillips, who grew up on the east coast, believes that contention between the two teams, and their respective fan bases, is even better than Red Sox-Yankees. Phillips explained in an interview this week on AM570’s Dodger Talk with. David Vassegh.

“You really can’t compare it to anything. I grew on the east coast so Red Sox-Yankees was always the number one rivalry I always watched. Growing up an Orioles fan, that was the division and everything, but Dodgers-Giants is on a different level that’s an all-time rivalry that dates back for so long.”

Phillips’ experience last year in that spell-binding NLDS definitely colored his opinion.

“To experience the National League Divison Series last year, in San Fran, here at Dodger Stadium – it was absolutely nuts, You could just feel the energy from all the fans and it’s just on a different kind of level.”

The Red Sox and Yankees did play each other in the AL Wild Card last postseason, but it didn’t have the same sizzle as the epic battle between the Dodgers and the Giants.

The reliever’s take isn’t going to sit well with east coast baseball fans, but it ends the debate, right?

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