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Dodgers Remain in on Trevor Bauer At the Right Price

The Dodgers are going to continue to look for a right-handed infield bat this offseason. The current situation with Justin Turner would more than answer why that would be the case. But from recent reports, Los Angeles might be looking for more than that 

Jeff Passan of ESPN reported today that the Dodgers are monitoring the market on RHP Trevor Bauer. The focus remains on the infield bat, but Passan insists that Bauer to Los Angeles remains a possibility depending on his market and price. 

Moreover, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic added his fuel to the Bauer-to-LA fire, this morning on MLB Network.

One team to watch with Bauer would be the Dodgers. And the reason I say that; on a short deal — the kind that the Dodgers favor — this might make some sense for them.

A move to sign Trevor Bauer to a deal would be interesting from the Dodgers’ standpoint. They already have the depth in their rotation to have one of the best in baseball, and there isn’t much of a need for his service. Adding in the reigning NL Cy Young would only bolster their rotation that is sure to trade blows with San Diego all season long. 

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For all of the pomp and circumstance created by Bauer during his free agency, there haven’t been many teams public about having a real interest in Bauer. The Dodgers being one of the few teams known to be monitoring his market does add some intrigue. 

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  1. Well, sure, they are in on any free agent at the “right price.” At least until he signs with another team at a price the Dodgers don’t think is the “right” one.

    1. It was the same $15 million per year the Yankees offered, just less years. There was no way he was signing with anyone but NY

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