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Dodgers Reportedly Hesitant to Offer DJ LeMahieu His Desired Contract Length

The Dodgers might be done with spending in the bullpen, but there are clear voids to fill in the roster One of those voids would be at third base. Whether their plan there is to bring Justin Turner back is anyone’s guess at this point. 

But one rumor that continues to circulate is that the Dodgers will go after an alternative to JT. DJ LeMahieu is a name that has grown in the Los Angeles rumor mill, and that chatter has only grown with the Yankees falling short of his contract demands.

As it turns out, the Dodgers might not be willing to take on some of DJ’s contract demands either. The latest report is that Los Angeles might not be willing to take on the fifth year of his contract which has been part of the problem with his return to the Yankees. 

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If that’s the case, the Dodgers would likely have to beat out New York in terms of dollars. That would obviously require a commitment to go over the luxury tax threshold, but there also has not been a clear indication they are set on staying under. 

For now, the Yankees offer to DJ is reported to be for 4 years and $84 million. That puts him right around $21 million per year, but also well short of the $110million figure he is seeking. If the Dodgers were to go 4 years at $90+ million, LeMahieu could very well be headed out west. 

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  1. The allure of the addition of such a prolific hitter has to be tempting to the Dodgers as with LeMahieu they would undoubtedly have the most potent line up in the league.
    But 5 years is a long time and the Dodgers have several highly rated prospects like Busch, Hoese, Vargas, Mann, Amaya, and others that would be potentially blocked. Plus it would put them well over the Luxury Tax threshold.
    I would not do it. I would wait to see how the season plays out and if necessary make a trade at the deadline to bolster any weakness. The playoffs are all that really matter. The Dodgers will make the playoffs,

  2. Unless the Dodgers trade some larger contracts, they are going over the CBT threshold of $210M in 2021. Dodgers are simply being used by LeMahieu’s agent to raise the Yankees offer — he is not going to sign with the Dodgers.

    1. SoCalBum,

      I believe you are correct. From everything I’ve read, LaMahieu loves New York.

  3. Not sure what the Dodgers are doing, besides kicking the tires. Only reason to sign DJ is if they think something is wrong with Lux or they know for a fact they can’t resign Seager. The dodgers should be looking for a versatile 3rd base option who rakes lefties and pair him with Rios. Rios isn’t a kid and is hungry for an opportunity. During a Covid strange season, when lots of pro’s struggled, her kept right on pace with an ops over .900. He likely isn’t the long term option at third, more likely long term replacement at first for Max. Eduardo Escobar comes to mind and may be available. He hits lefties hard, plays multiple infield spots and switch hits. He’s not the same hitter against righties, but he’s competent. If it flops, you can add at the deadline.

    1. Good points all however one maybe not so much….the “only reason to go for LaMahieu is not if Lux is still not quite done in the oven…it is because he is an MLB batting champ with three gold gloves at 2b, seems big game ready and I’ve read nothing but stellar comments about him as a teammate. I LOVE the idea of Lux, I love the idea of maybe even migrating Seager to 3rd rather than 2nd as it is easier on the back as a rule. Rios has a glove made by US Steel but has heart and looks like he loves playing do you think maybe he could be more of a utility guy? I just recall reading his defense isn’t great anywhere on the field….defense is part of the game a guy can learn and improve so I always suspect a player’s drive and willingness to play a team game rather than a “me game’? I am not trying to knock the kid, he can play and I’m just thinking the Dodgers can afford to wait or help him find a place where he can play at the MLB level and get a player in return.

      Here is a thought not many Dodger fans realize until we think about it. Historically 3rd base is a very problematic position for them. Not too many long term guys there. Cey of course, Turner has been nails, Beltre was one if the worst tragedies ever for the Dodgers even when they had Madlock he was just there for a minute. I think I missed one or two but I think it shows that 3rd has pretty much always been a revolving door it seems. For me that is why it hurts to think Turner might be done if he insists on 4yrs. So we fans need to vote for the DH in the NL now, just so we can enjoy Turner’s game a couple years longer.

  4. If not DJ LeMahieu then some other RHB must be obtained, especially if JT goes elsewhere. Hernandez also ends up elsewhere as well. So I’m fine with shifting gears to balancing the roster with 1 or even 2 RHB.

  5. Concerning the need for a RHH, which of the following would you prefer to sign?
    The two players are the same age, and these are 2020 stats.
    Player number one: 40 games, 139 AB, 5 HR, 20 RBI, .240 BA, .9 WAR
    Player number two: 36 games, 131 AB, 4 HR, 11 RBI. .206 BA, .3 WAR

  6. I’m pretty sure that every team would be “hesitant” to offer a 32-year-old a five year contract. At this point, the Dodgers pretty much have to go over the threshold because they need righties to balance the lineup or get shut down by lefties. And I wouldn’t leap to the conclusion that the Dodgers are “done spending” in the bullpen. Whether they chose to have a “closer” or not isn’t the issue. The issue is that Jantzen isn’t the 9th inning guy anymore.

  7. If Price opts out again this year, the Dodgers have another $32 million to spend and still be under the tax threshold. Does Friedman already know this?!

    1. Actually only $16M; Red Sox kept $16M per season of Price’s contract. And Dodgers will not know if Price opts out until spring training

  8. I agree with SoCalBum…I think LaMahieu will get what he thinks is a better contract by playing the Dodgers against the Yankees…if that’s the case, let him stay with NY…

  9. If the D-bags were able to unload what was left of Greinke and his horrible contract to another team, I’m sure the Dodgers would be able to trade what’s left of DJ after 2 or 3 years. They just wont get more than a few mediocre prospects and probably have to pay 30% of his remaining contract. DJ will only be 30 or 31 at that point while Greinke was 35. We looked at Arizona as crazy for signing him to that long deal, but they took the good years and still got rid of him before those “regret” years finally hit. Give DJ $90mil and see how it goes. Unless he has some kind of catastrophic injury, he will still be a tradable asset later.

  10. DJ is not a current necessity. Much rather try to convince JT to take a 2 year deal and work in CT at 3rd or move Muncy to 3rd and get Lux at 2nd. Give our you g guys more playing time.

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