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Dodgers: Former GM Offers An Awful Trade Scenario for LA to Land Carlos Correa

You can tell when the MLB offseason is in desperate need of movement when trade ideas start getting out of control. But this one from former General Manager involving the Dodgers has got to be one of the worst ideas we have seen in years.

Bowden recently wrote an article suggesting right-handed bat targets that the Dodgers could consider going after. While he did list the usual suspects, Bowden also threw in a curveball by adding Houston Astros shortstop into the mix. More from Bowden here

Correa has proven that he’s a big-game performer thanks to five different dominant postseasons, in which he’s hit 17 home runs and driven in 50 runs in 63 games and 266 plate appearances. He’s just as clutch defensively, always making that acrobatic play to save runs and games.

Nevermind the fact the Correa was part of the Astros team that cheated Los Angeles out of the 2017 World Series. But Correa has a well-known feud with Dodgers players that include Joe Kelly as well as Cody Bellinger. If you remember, Correa went on record telling Bellinger to mind his own business and shut his mouth when he talked about the Astros. 

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Not only that, but the Dodgers do have Corey Seager manning shortstop for the time being. His contract is set to expire following the 2021 season, but there is absolutely no indication that LA will not do everything they can to extend him. Nice try Jim but maybe stick to circulating all of the Nolan Arenado rumors. 

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  1. If you are going to take on a Houston Cheeto, sign George Springer — a much better offensive player and team does not have to trade anyone for him

  2. Virtually anyone from a clubhouse cancer. Bowden had his great article about “Arenando before Christmas” that says it all. A guy with his peak already achieved and beginning a slow decline.He is just filling tabloid space. Friedman will never entertain that notion.

  3. I didn’t care much for the video of Correa holding his hand to his ear trying to incite the crowd after he homered. Let him stay in the American League.

  4. “Nolan Arenado will be a Dodger by Christmas,” that tells me right there, about, not trusting this so-called former GM

  5. It would be hard to find a more repulsive idea than this.
    No one on the Cheating Astros is welcome.

  6. In the same article in thd Athletic, Bowden also said he didn’t say which Christmas he meant re Arrenado! What a joke! I hope that Dodgersnation writers will stop using Bowden as a source.

  7. he’s a cheater . the dodgers take any ex astro and I am gone foe good. mlb has a real integrity problem and I would suggest the following to cure that. every member of that astro team should be banned for life including all the coaches and the owner. the owner should be forced to sell the franchise and their world series title vacated with explantion they cheated no w.s. champs this year. then whom ever buys the franchise could replenish it with 1 man from each of the other 29 teams as he picks with each team allowed to protect 15 men off their 26 man roster. mlb does this and I seriously doubt any would cheat like this again and it would put some integrity back in mlb.

  8. The Dodgers lost 2 home games and the all important game 7 when they only scored 1 run. Lmao. Keep sticking to your guns that you lost because houston stole signs. Dodgers choked away game 2 and were a no show in game 7. Congrats on the COVID ring that no one will ever take serious.

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