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Dodgers Reportedly Still ‘Focused’ On J.T. Realmuto Trade

Fresh off the acquisition of free agent outfielder A.J. Pollock, the Dodgers are looking to do more. In fact, they’re looking to add one of the biggest pieces yet.

Moreover, Bob Nightengale reports on Thursday that Los Angeles is still hoping to make several moves before spring training. One of those moves – with the most ‘focused attention’ – is on catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Then after the Pollock signing, Nightengale doubled down.

Equally important – the Marlins have seemed to back off their once unrealistic trade demands for the All-Star backstop. Recently, some rumors have the Marlins focused on prospect Keibert Ruiz. Indeed, Ruiz alone would be a hefty price. It’s probable that more players would be included in any deal for Realmuto beyond the catching prospect.

Still, what would the Dodgers be getting? And what would that move be saying to all of us? Realmuto is under contract until after the 2021 season. He’s coming off a 2018 that saw him OPS at a .825 clip, making him one of the most valuable offensive catchers in baseball.

This would be the Dodgers saying they’re ‘all-in’ effectively. Trading a chip like Ruiz signals that you are forgoing wide window of the future to hang a championship banner or else in the present.

While we wait and see if this happens – how do you feel about the Dodgers possibly trading a major building-block of the future to go for it all in the upcoming season or two? Would you risk shortening the window of titles to possible win one? Does Realmuto along with the current roster put the Dodgers over the top?

I know where I sit. You tell me where you sit in the comments!

Dodgers Sign A.J. Pollock

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  1. I think Realmuto would help alot. He might put us over the top. But I wouldn’t do this deal for Ruiz though. I would include Barnes, Toles, a few major league ready minor leaguers. I know that’s a lot for one player but it wouldn’t leave us with any holes now or in the future.

  2. Tough question. First, I believe Realmuto is a FA after the 2020 season, not after the 2021 season, so there are only 2 seasons of team control. The window is closing on the current roster winning a World Series title. After this season Hill, Ryu, Fields, Cingrani, Freese, and Martin are free agents and Kenley Jansen can opt out of his contract. After 2020 season Turner, Hernandez, Baez, and Pederson (if not traded) are free agents. Trading Ruiz in a package for 2 years of Realmuto? Depends on how much value Dodgers place on Will Smith in the near future with Conner Wong and Hunter Feduccia perhaps ready in a couple of years, then there is the highly regarded 17 year old Diego Cartaya. I am hoping that Marlins will take Will Smith rather than Ruiz, but Dodgers will have to add at least one other well regarded player/prospect. Perhaps Barnes, Toles, Smith, Ed Rios, and a young pitcher like Mitchell White will be enough. I think we will know by the end of this week.

    1. They originally wanted Bellinger….Friedman had to talk them down off of that cloud weeks ago……I highly doubt the Dodgers can pull this trade off without giving up Ruiz. I figure if the trade actually happens the Dodgers will HAVE to give him up (and that’s gonna hurt) AND then two additional front line players/prospects. That’s where the two teams will tussle. The Marlins are not going to part with their best player without extracting 3 quarts of Dodger blue blood. Dustin May and Joc Pederson……..or some heavy price like that…….Barnes and Toles ain’t gonna get it done. JMO………….

      1. hello bluz1st. perhaps that is the case here as far as having to put Ruiz in the deal becuase ya must be willing to give up something of value to get equal value in return. However dodgers have a multitude of other real good catching prospects to deal, Smith being closer to MLB ready and we can return Barnes to Miami along with a few others. But another thing that can be considered down the road is in in fact Realmuto turns out to be a huge find, we can extend him beyond 2020 if need be because he is still young enough.

  3. Trading future assets to win now is a reasonable thing to do in general. The question lies in the specifics and how you assess the risk of relying on only one soon to be ready catching prospect instead of two. I guess that Ruiz is probably too big a price to pay but the Dodgers have backed themselves into a corner by needing both a good right handed hitter and a good catcher. Unfortunately we will have to leave it up to management.

  4. i want at least one more ring in my lifetime and im 50.been way to long.go for it all…..thats the only reason to play anyway right?

  5. Key is a decision to exceed the tax threshold which the team documents say they will not. They would have to if they sign Realmuto. Also key in the decision process is what they have to give up. Such an acquisition also makes Barnes the #3 which will create clubhouse issues. Either Martin or Barnes will have to move to the Marlins. Ruiz is a major chip but Realmuto may not be worth it compared to getting a frontline pitcher.

  6. I would NOT trade Ruiz. They will regret it, and so will we when he is a perennial All-Star and we have to be reminded of it. Two years of Realmuto is not worth it.
    Ruiz is just 20 and brings the whole package and is a switch-hitter, to boot. They will regret it more than trading Carlos Santana because McCrook did not want to pay $1 million for Casey Blake.
    A package of Verdugo, Barnes, and Rios is fine. It sounds like Verdugo’s work ethic is questioned by some. I think the Marlins would do well with a package like that, although they likely would want an arm. It would have been awesome to have a guy named Verdugo playing for the Dodgers. But I think the Dodgers are more inclined now to move him.

    1. I was just posting a few minutes ago that honestly Dodgers do have other top prospects to entice Miami for Realmuto WITHOUT trading Ruiz.. Verdugo can be included, and if for no other reason that Dodgers already have a plethora of LH hitters.

  7. I am hesitant to post this, and lose the credibility I have on here w a lot you.Well at least I hope I have.haha

    Keep in mind rumors are rumors, but I trust these sources. 2 separate sources say Joc has been traded to the Sox for 3 players. 1 separate source says Dodgers and Marlins have a deal in place to send prospects from the Dodger’s, and the Sox trade to Marlins for Realmuto. Set to be final tmrw. Sorry if this turns out to be bogus, but this is obviously monumental if it comes to be.

  8. Smith, Pederson, Santana, another prospect, not Ruiz though thats still to high of an asking price you might close your window on the future by trading Ruiz.

    1. Bellinger and Ruiz should remain untouchable, no questions asked if it were up to me. If the end result means we don’t get the deal done with Miami because of their hard line demands then so be it.

  9. The choking nature of these recent dodgers teams has forced the team to be more aggressive with trading prospects lately and it’s a shame. At least one WS shouldve been won by now and if it was then we could keep these prospects and win another one soon.

  10. You have to play for this year, but balanced by about a 3 yr projection. Not so easy, and so goes the life of a MLB General Manager. There are lots of ‘guaranteed prospects’ that just don’t quite make it in Majors, and then there are prospects that wind up in the Hall of Fame. Ruiz vs Realmuto, well i would try very, very hard to have them both. If Barnes comes out of batting slump that would help.

  11. I agree Ruiz is a hefty price, but, if he’s that good then give him the job now, otherwise make the deal for Realmuto. The way the Dodgers play their stupid metrics, they have made “all things” about the immediate present.

    1. Make the deal, send Joc, Riuz and pitching prospects Yadier Alvarez and Mitchell White. With the addition AJ Polluck will a huge opportunity to win back too back World Series

  12. Clint, what IS your take on this? Dodgers however do have the prospect capital plus major league players to offer Miami WITHOUT including Ruiz in this deal for Realmuto. The one other thing to consider is how disgruntled Realmuto would be remaining with the marlins at this point in time with their total rebuild. Another thought is if Dodgers did include Ruiz in this deal and Realmuto proves to be a huge find, then they can also consider extending Realmuto past 2020 if they desired.

  13. A trade of Verdugo, Barnes, Smith and Stewart should be able to get it done, Gives the Marlins their starting RF? Starting C, catcher of the future and a strong arm for relief or starting. The monetary cost is minimal. Dodgers have to move Stewart anyway, I believe he’s out of options and wouldn’t make the roster at this point.

  14. The Kershaw window is quickly closing! We need to win NOW! People keep saying Ruiz for two years of Realmuto is a bad deal. Who’s to say Realmuto won’t re-up with Dodgers when his contract is up? Dodgers are very competitive every year, my guess is he’ll want to stay in Los Angeles!

    1. I agree with comment about Kersh, and you can add Jansen and rest of the pitchers to that list (except Buehler and Urias). Then Turner and Pollack are no young pups either. Send Ruiz and whomever necessary to get Rialmuto for two -or more – years, then groom these other very good young catchers. And give these aging Dodgers, not ancient yet – a better chance to earn the BIG TITLE!!

  15. With the WS trophy being so close, and with the assets – both financial and personnel – that we have, there is no doubt that we need to bring in Realmuto. Who do we give up? Marlins openly state they need a major league-ready catcher, and to me that means Barnes. If the team deals Ruiz, then I might throw in a minor league pitcher, or a low risk major league pitcher (Hill) and that is it. I would prefer to keep Ruiz if I could, but that is not always possible. We still need a pitcher to slot in the top 3, if not Kluber than someone else. Nothing in life is guaranteed, so lets go for it now. Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! Hopefully, the Dodgers can pull this deal off for Realmuto WITHOUT including Ruiz in the deal. Dodgers have a few other catching prospects in Smith, Wong, etc. Barnes would certainly be one we can return to the Marlins, as he foots the bill for a MLB ready catcher..

      1. I agree with you totally, AZUL. Would like to add a pitcher to the mix, if possible. Frankly, I would prefer retaining Ruiz and parting with Verdugo and Barnes.. Rugged catchers are tough to find. Before you know it, the season will be upon us. Go Blue!!!

  16. The Marlins wanted Bellinger which was a no go plus they have no other catcher close to big league ready so without Ruiz I doubt it gets done. Their backup catcher is nothing so I would think Barnes might be included out of necessity. I’m sure a 3rd and probably a 4th piece would have to be included, but not from our major league roster and not named Lux, May, Smith or Verdugo. Mitchell Wite maybe plus a lower minors candidate would get it done. Possibly the pitcher we got from the Reds.

  17. Honestly Marlins have to come back to reality. Dodgers will give you Smith, Alvarez, Pederson, Barnes, and another piece. I think that is waaaaay more then enough for a guy with 2 years control who’s just going to get older. Ruiz cannot go by any circumstances. Unless Joc is traded for prospects and we just include that package I am fine. Even throw in Gray if that’s a kicker

  18. I’m thinking chances of winning WS in next 2 years is better with Realmuto on our team than without I like holding prospect and watching them produce as much as anybody, but I’m not sure we get the job done with Barnes and Martin to will likely need to work on pitching staff in-season anyway we need position players in place and Realmutto does that trade Ruiz and prospects and keep Verdugo

  19. You can’t guarantee what a player will become when they hit the majors. Will he become better than realmuto? Will he be a bust? I don’t have the answer but I can tell you that this Dodgers team will be better for at least the next two years with realmuto behind the dish than ruiz in the minors. We can sign realmuto to an extension and have him for the next 6 or 7 years. I would have no problem with trading ruiz for realmuto and winning a championship in the next 2 season’s

  20. I think no matter the talent you have, if you cannot manage that talent, then what good is that talent?

  21. The Dodgers need Realmuto after letting Grandal get away. I don’t see him as an upgrade from Grandal. Same for Pollock as opposed to Kemp and Puig. This team has gone backwards. Getting Kluber and Realmuto could bring them back to the World Series and, perhaps, a championship!

    1. If you don’t see Realmuto as an upgrade from Grandal then I have to ask, have you been watching the Dodgers games the last two years?

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