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Dodgers: Reporter Alanna Rizzo Stepping Away From the Team

Dodgers fans were sort of blindsided by news from Sports Net LA reporter Alanna Rizzon on Wednesday morning. Rizzo posted to her social media accounts and let her fans know that she would be stepping away from the team, but not retiring from sports entirely. 

Rizzo spent 7 seasons with the Dodgers as an in-game reporter and pre-game host. She walks away from the job as a 6-time Emmy award winner and the top sports tv reporter in Southern California in 2019. She also gets to walk away on top, fresh off of a World Series win in 2020. 

Rizzo clarified that she wanted to spend more time with her family and likely on her own projects. She founded the non-profit Guidry’s Guardian Foundation in 2019 to help dogs that are in shelters. The Dodgers posted their own tribute to Rizzo as she made her announcement. 

Following her post, members of the Dodgers community began posting on social media thanking Alanna. DJ Severe posted several pictures of himself with Alanna over the years and even included her bobblehead. 

Dodgers play-by-play man Joe Davis has certainly got to know Alanna over the last few years. The two worked together on almost every Sports Net LA broadcast since Davis took over the job in 2017.

Even Dodgers players jumped in to congratulate Alanna and wish her all of the best. Alex Wood talked about the change in the clubhouse without her in it on a daily basis. Alanna truly was a player-favorite in terms of talking to members of the media.

Whatever direction you take in life, we know that you are going to absolutely crush it, Alanna. Thank you for everything that you have done and your continued devotion to the Dodgers over the last 7 years. 

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  1. I hope that this is strictly her choice, as I would have a big problem with management if she has been forced out in any way. She has been a real asset to the team, and will be missed by every Dodger fan I know.

  2. It’s a shame that for all but one of those years, a large portion of the viewing public was unable to see her work because of the cable SNAFU. She would be a much greater star in the LA firmament otherwise. Seven years is a long time for a single gig in the sports media. She did it very well and will likely do well in whatever she chooses to do next.

  3. sad news. I expect David vassegh will join SportsNet LA and Tim Cates and possibly someone else will take over Dodger talk.

  4. Alanna, you are truly one of the best, I’m so sad your leaving, but honestly you can write your own ticket you are truly that exceptional. Good luck, you may be leaving, but from the fans, and I think I can speak for all the Dodgers, YOU WILL ALWAY BE A DODGER!!!!!

  5. Alanna along with other women commentators really brought women into the sport that I have loved since I have been a Dodger fan from the first year at Chavez Ravine. Thank you for what you have accomplished!

  6. We watched you on the broadcast all the way from Hawaii because you looked and talked like one our beautiful people here. Your professionalism in your interviews were the best, especially in locker room celebrations. We always looked forward to every broadcast , from pregame to postgame , not only for the game but for your exceptional reporting.

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