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Dodgers Reporter Believes LA is Very Serious About Their Interest in Trevor Bauer

With just a few weeks left until Spring Training games start, some of the league’s highest-profile free agents have yet to sign. And as is the case every year, the Dodgers have been connected to quite a few of them. 

One of those names is Trevor Bauer, who is by far the best arm left on the market at the moment. Bauer is coming off of a year in which he won the NL Cy Young award and was expected to command a sizeable contract. But from the sound of it, that might not be the case, at least with the Dodgers. 

David Vassegh was on High Heat with Chris Russo this week to address the Bauer rumors. When asked if Los Angeles could consider a short-term deal of 2 years worth upwards of $70 million, Vassegh felt it was possible. If the Dodgers are able to get Bauer on their squad at the right price, he says they wouldn’t hesitate. 

I could see that too especially since it doesn’t seem like Trevor Bauer’s market has developed the way that he thought it would. My understanding is a handful of teams that have given him serious consideration this offseason…This one seems to be serious if the Dodgers get Bauer for their price. 

It seemed that at the start of the offseason, every team in baseball would be in on adding Trevor Bauer. But the lack of rumors surrounding him despite the transparency he offers with fans does make it seem like the list of teams might be sparse. Most recently. the Dodgers were reported to be monitoring his market and searching for the right deal. 

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The Dodgers will not give Bauer a long contract, this much we know. Andrew Friedman and the front office has a history of offering stars unusually high annual averages in order to avoid the risk of signing a player long-term. That was reportedly how they approached both Bryce Harper and Gerrit Cole in the free agency. 

But if the Dodgers could get Bauer at 2 years, it would be tough for them to not jump at that. The $70 million figure might sound high, but you know roughly what you’re going to get out of him for the next 2 seasons. Love him or hate him, he does make the rotation and the team, better. 

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  1. Only way that works is if Dodgers trade 2 of Pollock, Price, Kelly; or, all 3 if they want to re-sign Turner

  2. No way!! The last thing they need is more starting pitching, the price is outrageous, they would not have money left for their young in-house players. Just from a “how good is he” standpoint, he has had a total of two seasons with an ERA under 4.00 and all of last years regular season starts were against the hitting anemic NL and AL Central divisions.

    1. You can NEVER have too much starting pitching. Look at what the Padres have done with their staff this offseason. Also, the Dodgers have more money than God, so signing their young in-house players isn’t an issue either. Bauer would be a huge get.

  3. A CY pitcher is anyway a benefit to the team! However we need Justin Turner and we need to trade for or purchase a BIG right handed BAT ! Like right Now! And or at worst resign KiKe to play second base!

    1. Mentioning Kike and big right handed bat in the same paragraph is near oxymoronic. We loose a great defender and all around great guy, but I think he wanted a starting job more than the money. Ironically, he was offered second base by LA a couple of years ago but couldn’t hold it. I think it was 2018 when he hit .237

  4. Once again, the focus should be re-signing of JT and another RHB. Currently there are holes at 2B and 3B. Its time to address these holes FIRST. Some suggest CT3 to play 2B but with Kike most likely gone via free agency, I would think Dodgers would see Taylor as a super utility guy who can fill in several positions. WSS.

  5. Forget Bauer, use that money to lock in Buehler for 6 year 100+ million. Plus don’t mess around with Seager or Bellinger either. Bottom line no ifs ands or buts about it, Seager, Bellinger and Buehler must be Dodgers for life. They are homegrown super studs that will keep the Dodgers competitive every year. Between Seager, Bellinger and Betts the Dodgers might put a crazy consecutive MVP streak and Buehler will grab a Cy Young or three in the next few years.
    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  6. A great pitcher, at least recently, but so what? I don’t think that his personality will play well on the Dodgers. I also think that they should bring back Kiki and Joc, so what do I know?

    1. He may play 3rd if JT signs elsewhere,or at 2B. That way Dodgers don’t have an all LH hitting infield that might make it harder for Roberts to go R-L-R-L depending upon the match up. That assumes Pollock, Bellinger and Betts are in OF. Then if a DH is back in NL, that spot can also use a RHB if need be.

  7. It’s all talk. Just like most of the other rumors they circulate. All talk and and No Pay. Sign Turner and Kike and trade Pollock and get on with it.

  8. It might work, Kersh is getting up in age, another Cy Young winner may be appropriate, but they have to get it done before some other team grabs him!!

  9. No way. Trevor is due for a “Bauer Outage” this year as he has always been an inconsistent performer. And that’s before even mentioning his character issues. How many players have been unable to get along with a player’s manager like Terry Francona? Only one if I’m counting correctly…

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