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Dodgers Reveal Pay for Minor Leaguers During Hiatus

Out of all the bad news lately, we get some much needed good news. There were two big concerns in baseball with this coronavirus stopping the season. The first was whether or not employees would be taken care of, which we found out yesterday the Dodgers are working on. The second is how minor league players will be taken care of. We have confirmed today that minor league players will in fact continue to be paid. 

The Dodgers are the latest team in MLB to commit to paying their minor league players. There was a growing fear that they would not be taken care of, as the team technically would not have been required to pay their full stipend without games.  

Thankfully, the Dodgers are proving to be the team we all had hoped they would be. Minor League players will be paid out for the remainder of what would have been Spring Training, beyond that is anyone’s guess.

This issue has been popping up all over the sports world, both with players and employees. In the NBA, teams have slowly been committing to making sure arena staff is taken care of until the hiatus is over and basketball cans resume. The same has been true for hockey and is becoming more prevalent in baseball. 

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