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Dodgers: Rich Hill Discusses Kenta Maeda Potentially Coming to Twins, and More!

Just before the new year, Dodger fans hearts were broken when fan favorite Rich Hill signed with the Minnesota Twins. It’s February, and many still are not over the shock and sadness of Rich leaving. Rich has moved on with his new team but is still quite the ambassador. Rich was upbeat and still complimentary of former teammates and his former team in an interview with MLB Network Radio, linked here.

Richie Talks Three Teams Improving

Rich Hill has always had a talent for diplomacy and saying the right things. He is a true professional who was candid on the idea that the big moves that will (hopefully) soon be finalized, were beneficial to all the teams involved.

“It’s great for all teams, I believe. From the business side of Boston opening up their threshold, to the Dodgers gaining Mookie Betts and David Price, also to Minnesota getting Kenta Maeda. Also in Boston, they’re getting a young and fresh talent in Alex Verdugo. To me, it’s a win win win.”

The funny thing is that Rich Hill has played for all three teams he is referencing. It is a true tip of the cap to his teammate Kenta Maeda and former teammate Alex Verdugo. He also notes that the Dodgers are obviously improving.

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Angels In The Outfield (and the mound)

Two other former teammates of Rich (and former Dodgers) are ostensibly on the move in Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. Rich Hill was quick to tip his cap to those former teammates as well.

“The other side of this coin too is look at what the Angels have acquired in Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. These are two guys that are All-Stars; incredible players. That just made the Angels contenders in the American League.”

Look I know this is the type of thing he is supposed to say. With Rich Hill however, there is never a doubt in his sincerity. He was a tremendous teammate on the Dodgers and a supportive one, at that.

Rich Hill Builds Up His New Team

This is the part where I personally felt a little sad, but only selfishly. Rich Hill went on to build up his new team and talk World Series aspirations.

“So I’m excited from a baseball fan’s standpoint to see how everything is going to develop over the 2020 season, but also as a member of the Twins for our opportunity to win the World Series. We just increased our chances greatly by gaining Kenta Maeda. Some of these guys may get overlooked but the body of work they’ve been able to compile over the last four years that I’ve been around them is incredible.”

Wow. Talk about talking up Kenta Maeda. This is not as far-fetched as one might think. Kenta Maeda as a starter can be lights out in the right situation. In the AL, anything can happen.

Cap Tip To Our Old Friend Rich Hill

Listen to the rest of the interview. Any time you can listen to Rich Hill talk, your day is better. He goes on to discuss his excitement for the 2020 season and looking forward to giving everything he can. For Dodger fans, this is an obvious notion. Rich Hill gave us 101% of himself, and we’ll always root him to do well.

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  1. Just too bad Rich never was 100% healthy for any long stretch. Could have been Cy Young potential.

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