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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Trade Currently Waiting on Twins; May Be Reconfigured

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

Are you tired of this yet? Are you one of the folks that’s worried that the big trade might fall through?

If you’ve been living under a rock, I’m of course referring to the current three-team trade between the Dodgers, Twins, and Red Sox that would bring Mookie Betts and David Price to Los Angeles. The trade that’s been on hold for close to three days now.

It seems that the majority of voters on our Dodgers Nation Twitter feel it will go through…

… but there’s still that concern in the back of the minds of some. Now, MLB insiders are providing us all with the latest updates, and it seems mostly positive.

First, Jon Heyman of MLB Network tells us that the hope is that the three teams currently involved can still work out a deal, even if it means Minnesota adding another prospect to the equation.

However, it seems that Twins brass doesn’t want to budge.

The hold up in the deal has been concerns Boston had after reviewing the medical records of Twins prospect Brusdar Graterol. His agent Scott Boras defended the hard-throwing right-hander.

Heyman continued on to say that if Minnesota can’t agree on a middle ground with Boston, the Sox and Dodgers are ready to continue on without them — either as a traditional two-team trade or with a new third team involved.

Of course, Los Angeles already has another trade waiting in the wings with the Anaheim Angels. There is a small chance that those three clubs could put their collective heads together to make something work, but that seems less likely. It should be noted in that Dodgers/Angels trade — which includes Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling going to Anaheim — one potential hang up was absolved this morning as Pederson’s 2020 contract status became settled by an arbiter.

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Back to the Betts blockbuster, former MLB GM Jim Bowden joined MLB Network radio to add his two cents on the hold up in the deal.

In short, it’s complicated.

While some in the industry feel this deal (and the Angels deal) gets done by end of day Friday, that’s not a guarantee.

The long and winding road of this story may soon be reaching its end — and we’re all hopeful that it does.

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  1. Holy schnikes… this Bloom guy is quickly becoming a joke. It’s sure seeming like it’s nothing to do with the “medical concerns” but is either a planned extortion or seller’s remorse. BoSox sure seem as if they didn’t have a clue about the guy the agreed to. BoSox fans may be in for an “interesting ride” with this Bloom clown running the show.

    We’ve all seen medical concerns pop up, heck i think there was one in the Manny deal ir maybe the other 3-player deal. But it was quickly addressed.

    To now pretty much demand a top end player AFTER the deal was done just feels wrong. Honest mistakes happen and i think Bloom made a deal if marginal player return value but he the deal.

    This has become a circus. Complete with clown shoes. Sitting back with popcorn & a coke to watch the flim-flam grifter in action.

    1. It’s looking that way. he’s reading the reviews and sees LA got the better of him.

      1. This deal is not happening but it’s not like we were going to sign Betts anyway. We would’ve been eliminated in October per usual and then low balled him in FA

  2. Maybe e can keep Kenta.
    I from day one liked this guy and his attitude.
    He cam to the US to play it didn’t seem ever about making big bucks. Give Boston someone else and let’s be done with this.

  3. Now it’s starting to sound like seller’s remorse. Boston wants a top 10 prospect PLUS what they already agreed too. Is Graterol damaged good or are they just worried that he won’t hold up? And what do they know now that they didn’t know then? Wanting someone else. Fine. But wanting both. Not fine.

  4. I agree with the buyer’s remorse driven partially by all the Boston fan base uproar

  5. Boston try to cheat to get one more of the Minnesota Twins top 10 best player I don’t think that’s gonna work.

    1. They’re dumping salary space. It doesn’t seem right, but financially to the Dodgers it does.

  6. Verdugo is a great get for BoSox, but I don’t understand the trade to the Angels at all. If I were BoSox I would take Stripling and Maeda over Graterol any day.

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