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Dodgers: Rich Hill Talks Love For Organization After Leaving Los Angeles

Undeniably, it was a sad day for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans when Rich Hill decided to sign as a free agent with the Minnesota Twins.

Since 2016, Hill has been one of the heart and soul members of the Dodgers. Perhaps that is why Dodgers Nation gave Hill such a heartfelt tribute in this post.

Now, Hill talks with David Vassegh of AM570 LA Sports on what it was like to be a Dodger. You can hear the entire interview right here. Let’s parse the highlights.

Notably, Hill says that pitching for the Dodgers was the crowning moment of his career.

“The people in LA were good to me, they were good to my family. I love the people in LA and it is something I will never forget. I loved putting on a Dodger uniform, that was one of the best moments of my career was being able to be a Dodger.”

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Equally important, Hill said he loved the intensity of Los Angeles and the intensity the fans brought. He hopes that he matched that with his performance – and if we are being honest – he did.

Finally, Hill says that he leaves behind a lot of teammates he loved dearly with this quote.

“At the end of the year i never told so many guys I loved them when the season ended. It was a huge genuine clubhouse that was more than just baseball and I am going to miss it.”

It seems like Hill knew all along that his time was up with the Dodgers, but that didn’t mean he loved it any less.

As Hill points out within the interview, he’s not done yet. Undeniably, it would not be smart to bet against the crafty lefty who pitches with so much fire and tenacity.

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  1. We should have kept feisty one. If even he was out till June. He’s one of the few post season performers the Dodgers had.

  2. Time for the young pitchers to move up! True Hill pitched very well in post season and he will be missed, but he was over paid for net contribution and spent the majority of his time on the injury list.

  3. I’m going to miss you Rich. I loved watching you pitch it is intense ,fierce pitching. You do know that Minnesota can get really cold. right ?. I will forever be a Dodgers fan, but I will be catching some Twins game, just to see you pitch. Wishing You and Yours All The Best.

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