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Dodgers: Rob Manfred Reportedly Only Asked LA for Silence on Astros Punishment

The Houston Astros cheating scandal still has wings right now in the baseball world and fuel continues to be added to the fire with more and more coming to light. Initially, it was reported that all teams around Major League Baseball were told not to say anything publicly regarding the punishment of the Houston Astros, but that was not the case. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred told only the Los Angeles Dodgers to keep quiet on the situation.

How bad is that? The league is trying to cover this situation up so much, that they are restricting  teams and their employees from being able to voice their opinions. It’s unjust.

Rosenthal’s verbiage on the tweet leaves a lot to the imagination, but it can be inferred that the Dodgers were explicitly asked to keep quiet while the league merely recommended to other teams that they stay quiet. This just keeps getting messier for all parties involved — especially the entity in charge in Major League Baseball.

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It is fair of MLB to not want backlash and to have the game die with the scandals, but they are handling this situation all wrong. The Dodgers and many other teams have been affected by the Astros’ actions and the league has not done much about it outside of a few major pick penalties.

This situation will not die and go away until the league does something to force it.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Blanket immunity for cheating Astro players + gag orders given to the victims of their crimes = corrupt cover-up. Baseball owners should come together and fire Manfred. One team (Astros) is being protected by Manfred while every other team that they played in 2017, and probably through 2019 has been robbed. The owner votes would seem to be in place to get rid of Manfred. In order to save the game from Mafioso Manfred, I urge them to move quickly. There is no rug big enough to sweep this dung heap of cheating with Manfred’s subversive approval, under. FIRE HIM. And get someone with the cajones to challenge the players union. The players union would defend a player who was proven to be a mass murderer. They don’t care about right and wrong. They will blindly defend any players ability to make money. That’s all they care about. Somebody needs to step up and put them in their place. Punishment for breaking the laws of society and/or the basic moral rules of baseball, should not be within the scope of the amoral players union. If the new commissioner has to sue the players union in court, do it.

    Start by doing this – FIRE MANFRED!

    1. I agree, well said “Fire Rob Manfred” he took away the Integrity of MLB and made it a joke sport.

      1. I concur also because Manfred has simply allowed those Astro players to get away with cheating and stealing from others, which by the way are very offensive to our Creator of this world.

  2. you’re absolutely right. I’ve mentioned before the ASG is at Dodger Stadium this year. MLB needs this to die down before then. From how it’s seems to be put in the “spin doctor” closet i don’t imagine it will get better only worse without more openness and punitive actions.

    As of now how can we not assume the method of cheating was used for at minimum every home game the past few seasons?

    I feel the best way to manage it is to be totally transparent to fans. If not, once Congress is done with impeachment hearings they could turn attention to MLB telling them to clean house or risk reevaluation of their anti-trust exemption. They did same thing during PED era.

    It’s the one sport our whole country has enjoyed for over a century. Had the Black Sox scandal not been handled with a heavy hand, maybe there would be no MLB today.

  3. Here’s what I’m wonderin’, where’s the Astros fan base in all of this? How’s that city feel about the shame their team brought upon them? Brought upon baseball? Why haven’t we heard one word from them when they should be the loudest voice of condemnation in this BS! I just don’t get it! I wonder what ever happened to the idea the joy was in competing and the pride was found in leaving it all on the field, win or lose? Houston you need to speak up, loud and frickin’ clear…

  4. Baseball is dirty and refuses to clean itself up.
    No better than boxing and shows how the game is fixed.
    No more legit than a Mexican election.

    1. Sports are classified as entertainment which means they can legally do what they want with them like script and rig. It’s more like fake wrestling than people realize or care to accept

  5. Manfred is a gutless, empty suit, like most guys at the top, but nothing ever changes for the better.

  6. Exactly–what a crock. People at the top, just as we have seen here with Manfred and Crane, say a few hollow words, hope things quiet down and people forget, and expect things will return to the usual.
    An Asterisk fan was boo-hooing on Sirius XM Radio last week that the loss of draft picks hurt THEM specifically. How unfair! How horrible! Those fans got to revel in their team’s undeserved WS title, and they got to witness a parade that they should not have. Cry me a river.

  7. Manfred is a SHAME….he ought to be fired botching this cheating scandal and allowing the Astros
    to keep their titles from 2017…..They should vacate the 2017 AL West, 2017 AL Pennant and 2017 World Series Championships due to the ASTROS cheating!!!

  8. “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING” is a big deal in our country. And it really applies here. You don’t punish anyone, and only ask the victim to stay quiet? That is not justice in our country They have a right, especially as the biggest victim in all of this (not that anyone else was not also a victim). They have a right in the public institution of baseball. Hey, Manfred, go get a job. In my opinion, you just lost yours.

    1. Michael doesn’t that sound a lot like what Trump and the senate want to do? He wanted to intimidate the whistle blowers and the senate wants no witnesses

      1. Same as the house no witnesses for the GOP who had 18 on their side that is not zero witnesses where the GOP was allowed none. The whistle blower is not even known. This situation is more clear. Manfred didn’t want to do his job and gave immunity like a dictator. There aren’t many fans that support the buzzers that Altuve and Springer had to obtain their advantage.

  9. That spineless Manfred has NO RIGHT to ask other players, especially those on the Dodgers to be quiet about this. Darn it We ALL have the right to freedom of expression to such an obvious wrong doing and if Manfred doesn’t like the heat , then he should get the heck out of the ‘kitchen’!!!!!!

  10. My comment is awaiting moderation? I believe we have a right to express our ultimate dis like for Manfred and he does not deserve to continue as Commissioner since he appears to accept what the Astro players have done.

  11. Manfred has no right whatsoever to ask Dodgers or any team to be quiet about this and he has cause many of us including myself to have such disdain for him and MLB He will not take away al of our 1st amendment rights!

  12. I personally don’t want any Championship given to the dodgers but what i want is for the players involved to pay their due’s i don’t care if they are on anther team if they cheated they should pay the price suspension for a year and a $50.000 dollar fine. last but not least boot the commissioner he has no ball’s he answer to the owners.

  13. There is no joy in Mudville
    Casey should be in jail.
    Keuchel made a mockery of an apology.
    He got caught and hints Fliers was in the wrong.
    Small spiteful man. Very small as in tiny and very little.
    Hate to be his relation.

  14. Manfred seems to have a disproportionate love for the Astros and inexplicable disdain for the Dodgers. News flash Rob, you are commissioner of all teams, not just Houston.

    I point to the Guriel “Punishment” for racist gestures directed at Darvish that amounted to 3 day vacation from meaningless games against another team at the start of the next season while he is allowed the privilege of continuing to play in World Series (and cheat his *ss off).

    And now this minor wrist slap, and the Dodgers are threatened against speaking their mind. This just causes pent up anger and frustration that will be unleashed at some point in the future.

    Strip their title and re-po their rings!! Anything short of that is a travesty of justice.

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