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Dodgers: Rockies General Manager Avoids Talking About Nolan Arenado Rumors

The Dodgers are going to be linked to Nolan Arenado until he’s either traded or verbally commits to the Rockies. Even if they aren’t really a serious contender to acquire him, national writers and media members are going to keep pressing the issue when it comes to Nolan and Los Angeles. 

Rockies General Manager Jeff Bridich didn’t add fuel to the “Nolan to LA” rumors this week, but he did get a few people talking. It’s no secret at this point that Arenado and Bridich have what can be described as a contentious relationship. Arenado has been vocal in the past about being angry that the team is not built to compete and then went on to sign a long-term deal. 

This week, Bridich was asked about the communication between him and Arenado. He obviously was not asked about the Dodgers, but Bridich didn’t have much to say on the matter.

You can take this one of two ways when trying to interpret where Bridich is at. You can either assume that no communication means it’s business as usual, or that things between them are as contentious as ever. With Arenado coming up on a potential opt-out after this season, that could be a very bad thing for the Rockies. Do I think he ends up with the Dodgers? No, there seem to be far too many obstacles to overcome. 

But Arenado being moved out of the National League West wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Dodgers either. 

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  1. I know I’ve said this before, but do you think Andrew Friedman would go a year without even talking to Seager or Bellinger or Buehler? At one point earlier this year, Arenado noted he hadn’t heard from the Rockies GM since he signed the extension in February 2019. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Dodgers should give up the farm for Arenado in a trade. But it means he might be available to the highest bidder in after 2021.Still that would be a lot of salary to take on and would pretty much mean that someone in the Bellinger-Seager-Buehler group would end up elsewhere.

  2. Andrew Friedman resign Turner and Make the trade! Give them Lux and a low level farmhand pitcher! Make the Move!

    1. Move-on from Turner and IF the Rockies asking price for Arenado is reasonable do the trade. What worries me about Bellinger is he is too jekyll-hyde with his hitting. In 2019 he had awesome srason, 2020, he alters his hotting style and he struggles. Then there is his shoulder-dislocation issue.

  3. Too many hurdles to overcome for Dodgers to acquire Arenado. At the top of the list, the team is not going to take on $199 million in guaranteed contracts and there is zero chance of the Rockies paying a portion of Arenado’s contract so he can play for the rich LA Dodgers. Arenado would become the highest paid Dodger in AAV and that just isn’t going to happen.

    1. Agree the Dodgers are not going to take on that much contract. The Dodgers have to be looking at extending Seager this year and Buehler & Bellinger the next. Urias is up in 2023. Some contracts like Jansen’s and Kelly’s drop off next year as does Kershaw’s.
      Price drops off after 2022. Money will be a HUGE issue in 2021 as Fauci and others do not expect normalization until the 3rd quarter of 2021. All the teams lost a ton of money.
      The Dodgers are built to use the Farm Team talent. They may decide to use Will Smith at 3rd and platoon with Rios if they decide to bring up Ruiz. Hoese, Vargas, Mann, and others can all play 3rd.

  4. It doesn’t matter that this move won’t happen; pundits will not let it go and we’ll be hearing it all winter. Ugh.

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