Dodgers: Rockies Series in Colorado is More Than Meets the Eye for LA

The Dodgers will begin the second half of their season at Coors Field this weekend. Despite the Rockies’ mediocre record of 40-51, the series might not be a cakewalk for the Dodgers. They’re atrocious on the road (9-34), but when playing at home, the Rockies are a much different team. Colorado owns the fifth best home winning percentage in baseball at 31-17.


The Rockies lead the league in runs scored at home (269) and batting average (.280). Coors Field is a notorious hitter’s park so it’s all relative, but even their pitching is better at home.

Colorado’s pitching staff owns a 4.62 ERA at home (23rd) versus a 5.25 mark on the road (25th). They aren’t world beaters on the mound either way, quite the contrary. But like the series in Miami, the Dodgers can’t sleepwalk through this series against Colorado and expect to win.

This isn’t a proclamation of a must win series against a lowly divisional opponent in July, those don’t exist. However, many Dodgers fans will presume a series sweep since it’s Colorado. Los Angeles is more than capable of winning all three games but don’t be surprised if it’s a competitive series.

At times this season, the Dodgers have waltzed into a series against lesser competition and underperformed. Series against Cincinnati, Miami, and Atlanta all come to mind. All three teams were under .500 at the time, and the Dodgers lost each series.

Starting off on the right foot this weekend can only help the Dodgers before they host the Giants for a four game set early next week. It would be foolish of them to overlook the Rockies…when they’re playing at Coors Field.

Merely showing up to play this weekend won’t win the series for the Dodgers. Preparing, focusing, and playing good baseball like they can, surely will.

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