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Dodgers: Ross Stripling Has Mixed Feelings on the New DH Rule

MLB pitchers won’t get much of a chance to hit with the latest universal DH rule, and that means that Ross Stripling is likely stuck at his sub-100 batting average. But that fact doesn’t mean the Dodgers’ swingman necessarily loves or hates the new rule.

Stripling talked about the universal DH on our podcast yesterday and made some pretty good points. On one hand, the Dodgers’ pitcher loves the break in the lineup when he gets to face the opposing pitcher.

I’ve always said I like the DH because it creates parity between the two leagues. And I like pitching to the pitcher. I don’t necessarily enjoy hitting, but there have been countless times where I’ve got a guy on third with one out and the pitcher up, and I tell you what that’s a good feeling.

While he loves the opportunity to face bad hitters, Stripling also knows that run support and entertaining fans is important. The Dodgers are certainly ready to go with the new rule.

Stripling talked about fan experiences, as well as the hazards of pitchers hitting. Just asked recent Dodgers acquisition Jimmy Nelson, who missed more than a year after diving back into a base. 

You know having the DH, people don’t pay to come watch me hit. And there’s been a bunch of pitchers, Adam Wainwright, my teammate Jimmy Nelson, come to mind as guys that missed entire seasons if not more because of things they injured from hitting or running the bases. So it makes sense, get the best hitters up there, you’d rather watch David Ortiz than me hit any day.

So while Ross may not get the opportunity to bump up his batting average and hit his first dinger, Dodgers fans will likely be much happier watching guys like Edwin Rios hit anyways. 

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