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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Does Not Want Pitchers Throwing at Astros Hitters

Dodgers fans are likely hungry for some redemption against the Astros, likely in the form of some sort of physical punishment. But based on quotes from a few players, we might not be getting that.

With the announcement of baseball returning this week also came the news that the Dodgers would get a chance to face the Astros. But even though fans would like to see a few fastballs planted between the letters, Kenley Jansen is not on board. He spoke about that particular subject on ESPN’s The Sedano Show this week. 

I feel like we are the true champions in 2017. It should be us, we got cheated. But if we’re going to play (The Astros) this year, I’m not going to throw at them. That’s not cool. I don’t wish anybody to do that, to throw at people. Just play them and try to be my best

For Kenley, it’s a matter of going out there and competing every day. Sure, Dodgers fans feel like they were the true champion of the 2017 season. But drilling a few Astros’ hitters likely won’t change anything, at least from Kenley’s point of view. 

And with a 60-game season at hand, there might be something to that. The Dodgers are going to have to start fast, and every game is going to matter during this short season. So maybe 2020 isn’t the most ideal year to be throwing at the Astros. After all, giving away free bases often leads to free runs. 

The Dodgers’ Ross Stripling also talked about the Astros on our podcast this week and said the players want it decided on the field. Whatever their plan is, here’s hoping that the Astros have the worst season of all time. 

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  1. I like Kenely’s out look classy and great teammate.I remember when I was in high school during football season I put a handful of our rivals (West Torrance) on their backs. So when Baseball came thier coach called “88” and a couple beanballs came at my head. Totally uncool. This wasn’t my imagination as it was confirmed to me in conversations in college.

  2. Class act for some of the Dodger pitchers saying NO to throwing at the Astros. That would only lead to fights, retribution and ejections/suspensions. Let’s go out and play baseball and beat ’em fair and square.

  3. That is fine for Kenley, but there is no asterisk, no flag, no trophy in Dodger Stadium. The team, the owners, and the fans were robbed. Not just the Dodgers and Yankees, but every team the Asstros played.
    All I want from this season is to see bruised Astros. They skated away from this with rings and bonuses, they wrecked careers, and given zero apologies. Sometines even openly mocking those they affected most. They are disgusting and if Manfred won’t take care of it, burner pitchers should in the only way available.

  4. Then keep him on the bench against the cheaters.Use kelly maybe he can break Astros ribs or wrists.

    1. Yes, Luis,
      If Jansen doesn’t want to throw a few tight pitches, don’t use him and put Kelly instead. Kelly will take care of things. Some of those Houston Asterisks need to be put on their backs. GO DODGERS!!!

  5. Typical of our team to be classy at the wrong times. Always been pushovers during this era. Astro batters need to be hit all season and next year too since they’re getting off a little easier without fans

  6. I hope none of the owners will sign Way to players when they become free agents. Let them all stay in Houston and rot!

  7. Exactly what was Jansen supposed to say? “Damned right we are going to hit them!”. If he says that, there will be warnings issued before every Dodgers-Astros game, and they won’t get chance for some payback. I will be shocked if the Dodgers don’t plunk a few of those cheaters.

  8. Larry, thank you for giving the most obvious answer to why Kenley said this. If I were a pitcher, I would be relishing the opportunity to give the Asterisks* back just even 1% of the awful sportsmanship / awful human behavior they employed for years to win (i.e., make more money). I would never announce my intention to purposely hit the Asterisks* players in various areas, or the umpires would have me thrown out after the first time I hit them. Then again, knowing the Asstros, they would probably lean in while wearing a shoulder pad (a la Bonds, late era) when a 75mph curve is thrown) just to get a pitcher thrown out. All the while the ball went over the inside part of the plate (a la Rizzo, modern era, but at least he’s not a cheating prison purse) There are no limits to the Asstros depravity and lack of moral fiber which separates us from the psychopaths and lower mammals, so sadly, (as this rot reaches all the way to the top) the players outside the Asstros organization have been tasked the gargantuan responsibility to place them in check and say hey, we are not tolerating your bull sheet cheating ways. Go kick rocks, and let me know how the soil tastes each time you’re knocked down after being hit by my “accidental” wild fastball at your ________ (insert any body part but head). Prediction: Asterisks* do not win a World Series for at minimum 100 years, a self-inflicted wound and curse by the baseball gods with more gypsy malice and tears than the Red Sox or Cubs ever faced.

  9. Astros are champs of ‘17!! You can all suck it!! We cheated and so did the yanks. Wouldn’t be surprised if the crappy dodgers did as well!! You all are butthurt cause your team didn’t do it better!! Suck it!!!

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