Dodgers Rumors: 7 Relievers LA Can Pursue Before the Trade Deadline

As we inch closer to the midway point of the MLB season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have identified their strengths and weaknesses, including their most woeful asset of the season, the bullpen.

With a 4.90 ERA (ranked 29th in MLB) and a FIP of 4.29 (ranked 24th in MLB), the Dodgers bullpen has gone from one of the best in the last five years to one of the worst this season. Having two blown leads in the past week, the Dodgers are experiencing one of the worst bullpens in the club’s history, which leads to fans thinking; do these players have what it takes to make a run in the playoffs?

If the answer is no, that is okay, because luckily for Dodgers GM, Andrew Friedman, there is still plenty of time before the August 1st trade deadline. And lucky for him, we at DodgersNation have thought of at least SEVEN relievers the Dodgers can pick up via trade.

1. Alex Lange, RHP – Detroit Tigers

Currently posting a 3.29 ERA in his third year with the Tigers, Lange is one of the hottest relievers in the league. Known for his ability to make batters miss, Lange is currently on pace to surpass his single-season strikeouts (currently at 38 Ks, record is 82) and a lot of that has to do with his 32.7 strikeout percentage.

The only thing that can hold the Dodgers back from pursuing Lange is his current contract situation. The 27-year-old out of Riverside, Ca is on the final year of his pre-arbitration contract, making him a little out of reach for the Dodgers as they will have to most likely give up some big prospect capital in order to secure this deal. A little bit of a risky deal, but taking another look at his curveball might have the Dodgers considering.

2. Aroldis Chapman, LHP – Kansas City Royals

Playing for one of the worst teams in Baseball, Aroldis Chapman is still throwing one of the fastest fastballs in the game. With a 2.70 ERA and a WHIP of 1.29, Chapman is pitching better than he has in years and has yet to allow a home run this season.

With lots to catch up on for the Royals, they can use some fresh assets in their rotation to keep themselves in somewhat of the AL Central picture.

3. Joe Kelly, RHP – Chicago White Sox

There’s no doubt fans would love to see Joe Kelly put back on a Dodgers Uniform. Shoot, even the Dodgers social media squad miss Joe Kelly, but as much as we all love “Mariachi Joe”, there are some truths to behold.

Despite holding a 4.79 ERA and a 2.79 FIP, Kelly’s pitching has been phenomenal beyond the stat sheet, and if there are going with the idea of getting players via trade for the short-term, then Kelly is a man to look at. It would also help boost the locker room morale, having a familiar face in the clubhouse, let alone the bullpen.

Currently in the final year of his guaranteed deal with the White Sox, a trade for Joe Kelly can be served as a trial, and depending on his performance, the Dodgers can look to re-sign him to a long-term deal.

4. Scott Barlow, RHP – Kansas City Royals

As previously stated, the Royals are in last place of the AL Central and are about 17 games back from the first-place Minnesota Twins, so they could really use some changes all around the roster.

With a 4.38 ERA, the Dodgers can see this as a low-risk, mid-reward pick up. Originally drafted by the Dodgers in 2011, Barlow has been pretty inconsistent since making his Major League debut with the Royals in 2018, but what makes him stand out is his 33.7 strikeout percentage.

There are some things that Barlow needs to work on, but from a developmental perspective, this can be a dealbreaker for both Barlow and the Dodgers.

5. David Bednar, RHP – Pittsburgh Pirates

A very unlikely trade idea, nonetheless, not a bad one. Running a 1.78 ERA, David Bednar has been one of the elite closers in the Majors this season. The only problem with the trade possibility is that the Pirates have him locked down until he is 31, and he won’t be a free agent until 2027.

In order for the Dodgers to pull this kind of deal off, they would most likely have to get rid of some top-ten prospects. For Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers, it could be a risk worth pulling for.

6. Tanner Scott, LHP – Miami Marlins

With a 2.81 ERA and a 2.78 FIP, the Marlins pitcher has been one of the most consistent relievers in the American League, making this trade a lot of sense for the Dodgers. The only problem is that the Marlins are playing really good baseball right now and have not given any kind of idea whether Scott is for sale or not.

But, it wouldn’t hurt for Andrew Friedman to pick up the phone and call Miami for an inquiry on Tanner Scott.

7. Kenley Jansen, RHP – Boston Red Sox

Disclaimer: This was Doug’s idea.

Okay, maybe it was Doug’s idea, but as crazy as it might sound, it’s not a terrible one. A 3.18 ERA is not the most impressive we have seen from Jansen when he was with the Dodgers, but with the increased velocity on his cut fastball, it does seem a lot better in recent years.

A reunion with Kenley Jansen would shock the baseball world a little bit, but fortunately, that is a decision that the Dodgers have to make.

As we reach a critical point of the season, the clock is ticking for the Dodgers to make a move. Will the Dodgers splash some cash on the trade block? Or will this be the team that’ll ride out the rest of the season?

Jerry Reynoso

Formerly a Fan Correspondent for LAFC's partnered Youtube show, 110 Football, Jerry is a lover of all sports far and wide. Jerry is also the Sports Director for Cal State - Long Beach's radio station, where he is currently pursuing his BA in Journalism, but when he isn't working, Jerry plays a lot of golf - and we mean A LOT of golf.

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  1. LAD should send seven or eight relievers back to the minors and get back the same from the minors.the minors are probably better

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