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Dodgers Rumors: Agent Reveals Cody Bellinger Hasn’t Closed a Door on Return to LA

With the MLB offseason now in full swing, rumors are flying everywhere. The Dodgers name continuously comes up all the time, even if some have no real bearing on what LA will do this offseason.

One name that has been buzzing of late is the potential for former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger to return to the team this offseason. Bellinger reenergized himself in his lone season away from LA and now is in line for a big payday. 

Bellinger was great for the Cubs this past season, hitting .307 with 26 home runs and 97 runs batted in. He won the National League Comeback Player of the Year award and was instrumental to the success of Chicago this year.

It remains unlikely that Bellinger will return to the Dodgers, but his agent, the infamous Scott Boras, says that the door isn’t closed on a return. Boras was asked whether there was a chance for Bellinger to return to Los Angeles, either with the Angels or Dodgers, and he didn’t shy away.

“Our position on that is that Cody’s told me to look at the full gamut of the major leagues. Listen to everybody and he’ll make his decision from there.”

Per Scott Boras

It would be very interesting if Bellinger were to return to the team, especially considering that LA seemed to be open to moving on last offseason. Bellinger found his swing again with the Cubs, and it would be strange for him to return to the place that he lost it.

Additionally, after everything that happened with Boras this past season, it seems far-fetched that a reunion would happen. Boras is also one of the toughest agents to deal with, and the Dodgers typically don’t do business with him unless they absolutely have to.

Should the Dodgers reunite with Bellinger this winter? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Why not? LA reunitated with several players as Kike Hernandez and Joe Kelly.there are even rumors about Verdugo.Bellinger had an outstanding year.

  2. Same here, as he was hurt basically all of 2021 and wasn’t fully recovered in 2022. Obviously he’s pretty much past those injuries that affected his play and he showed that in 2023. He cut way down on his K’s and returned to hit LHP well like he did in his MVP 2019 season.

  3. Do it bring him back instead of signing one year rentals him and mookie that’s fire and trade for trout

  4. lol to anyone who buys boras crap. Of course he says he’s open to all teams, why reduce leverage? 0.00% chance he returns

  5. Would like to see Cody again, but the chance is very small. AF does not like to deal with Boras.

  6. The Dodgers blew it big time to begain with, they should have never let him go in the first place. He is a true blue fans choice anyway..

  7. As a Dodger fan since 1958….I would love to have a return of Cody …but I agree Scott Boros is not a fave of the Dodgers!

  8. You never know what you are going to get with Bellinger, and now he’s going to want to get paid long term based on how he did this last season. Too much inconsistency for me, and he does tend to be an easy out against premium pitching that can exploit the holes in his swing, which is why he becomes a liability in the post season.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, definitely bring back Cody to patrol the outfield. Mr. Friedman, bite your lip and do business with Boras. Isn’t the goal to improve the team? Once the deal is done, you have Cody, and Boras will be out of sight and out of mind.

  10. Outman will make the MLB minimum ($740,000) in 2024 and beyond. Bellinger will command over $20,000,000/year on a long term deal. Is Bellinger worth $20,000,000 more a season than Outman? Not even close in my opinion. I think that Bellinger will most likely sign with the Yankees (his Dad’s team), D’Backs (home State team) or perhaps reunite with the Cubs (and their hitting coach Dustin Kelly).

    1. Well, New York, Arizona, and Illinois all have legal marihuana for recreational use.

  11. I love that Cody got his groove back but i think he needs to move on. He is looking for a big paycheck and we need pitching more than anything else. Dodgers did him a favor with a fresh start. Not sure he would have made it if he stayed. We will always love Cody and wish him the best.

  12. He’s a fan favorite, young and a great glove and he’s better than anyone the Dodgers put in center. If he continues to hit like he did with the Cubs…. what an asset…… Hell the Dodgers were ready to pay big bucks for Soto…..who would you rather have.

  13. Bellinger is a really outstanding center fielder and if he hits nearly as good as he did in Chicago he would be big upgrade. I would sign I’m a minute.

  14. Boras is just looking for his next commission check from the Dodgers now that he lost his Urias payday.

  15. Cody had a typical pre-free agent year. Once he gets a long term deal it’s back to the way he was with the Dodgers. And he stupidly injured himself. Did he refund the overpayment his poor performance?

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