Dodgers Rumors: Andre Ethier For Mark Buehrle Being Discussed?

It’s no secret the Dodgers will have a problem when Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are activated as they’ll have four capable outfielders for three positions. Too bad the National League hasn’t adopted the DH to help the Dodgers out, but there inevitably will need to be a trade for Yasiel Puig to stay in the big leagues.

There is no situation I can forsee that the Dodgers would send Puig back to the minor leagues as he’s already proven to many that he’s the future in right field and has been provided a spark to the team.

With this in mind, Jim Bowden of ESPN.com discuss one possible trade scenario that the Dodgers could entertain:

“His (Buehrle) contract makes him difficult to trade unless it’s a bad-contract-for-bad-contract arrangement, which is why Andre Ethier-for-Buehrle rumors have started to flow. Buehrle would be a good fit as the fourth starter for the Los Angeles Dodgers, especially if they can free up right field for Yasiel Puig.”

It’d be hard to sell me on the Dodgers acquiring another lefty, let alone soft-throwing pitcher as the team already has Ted Lilly and Chris Capuano at their disposal.

Regardless, it’s another indication that the Dodgers are looking at all scenarios in order to trade Ethier, who hasn’t had a season to write home about. This season, Ethier is hitting .235 with five home runs and 17 RBIs as he’s owed over $70 million dollars left on his contract.

However, it’s not like Buehrle is pitching lights out as he’s 2-4 with a 5.06 ERA in his first season with the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East.

It’s clear that Ned Colletti and Stan Kasten are aware that Puig needs to stay and that Ethier is the odd man out, so a trade seems to be inevitable, the question is with who and for what.

Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12


  1. I like Ethier. I always have since the day I met him as a rookie. But his last two seasons have been so inconsistent, my appreciation for the guy is waning. However, I’d sooner drop League and Lily than Ethier.

  2. That would be good for both teams when you look at what james loney is doing for TB. The dodgers could use another starter for this year and next with beckett and billingsley being question marks goin into next year. Buerhles pitch to contact style would fit at dodger stadium

  3. Why not consider trading Kemp while we are at it. He’s not having any better season than Ethier, has shown a propensity for injury, consistently mis-plays balls in the outfield and hasn’t learned to hit the curveball.

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