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Dodgers News: Diamondbacks Miguel Montero Talks About Suspensions

The suspensions handed down in the Dodgers brawl yesterday were met with some surprise as Yasiel Puig wasn’t suspended while Eric Hinske received a five-game suspension.

Ian Kennedy was given a 10-game suspension and plans to appeal, but Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero had some harsh words for Dodgers starter Zack Greinke via Jack MaGruder of

“The last thing I wanted to do was get suspended. I know he’s a little chicken(expletive). I didn’t want to fight,” Montero said of Greinke.

Pretty harsh words for Greinke after Montero was seen glancing up at him prior to him getting hit after Greinke was standing up for Puig after he was hit in the face.

Kennedy has maintained that he was trying to bust Puig inside since the young outfielder bursted onto the scene very quickly in his first week in the big leagues with four home runs.

Regardless, it sounds like the Diamondbacks are upset with the suspensions they were given while most believe the Dodgers got away with a lot.

Hinske, who was suspended five games, had some words about Puig as the young outfielder was seen throwing punches during the brawl:

“I’ve been a model citizen in this league for 12 years. Then there is Puig, who has 12 games in the big leagues and gets no games. You tell me what’s right.”

The Dodgers and Diamondbacks won’t face off against each other until the middle of July and the tempers should resume when they lock horns in the desert.

While many hoped the brawl would ignite the Dodgers offense and spirit, it has yet to do so, just like the brawl with the Padres in early April.



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  1. When Montero and management can’t get the ball count 1-2 right that one inning, even though the ump gave Puig a strike 4 count after the strike 3 call. Can’t trust what they say…Someone had to call the pitch to the head..hitting the body is one thing, but the head? All Pitchers are able to throw the ball into the areas that they want, some more accurately than others…is that 10 starts for Kennedy?…as for Montero , who cares,, just strike him out……….

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