Dodgers Rumors: Breaking Down Chase Headley and Aramis Ramirez

The Dodgers have expressed recent interest in two third basemen as we approach the trade deadline. One will cost the team significantly more in terms of prospects, while the other in terms of salary. They both offer the same in years controlled, but differ in areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Chase Headley

Headley, 28, mans third for the San Diego Padres, and is making $3.48M this year and under team control until 2015.

The Padres can afford to deal Headley now, with Jedd Gyorko ready to take over the role at third base.

[table caption=”Offensive Production”] HR,RBI,AVG,OBP,SLG,wOBA,WAR,BB%,K%
[/table][table] Strengths,Weaknesses
Speed, Strike Outs
Plus Defense, Cost In Prospects To Acquire
Favorable Contract,[attr colspan=”2″] [/table]

Aramis Ramirez

Ramirez,34, plays for the Milwaukee Brewers. He signed a 3 yrs/$36M back-loaded contract with the Brewers before the season.

It has not been confirmed that the Brewers are sellers, but the Dodgers have interest if he becomes available.

[table caption=”Offensive Production”] HR,RBI,AVG,OBP,SLG,wOBA,WAR,BB%,K%
[/table][table] Strengths,Weaknesses
Power, Poor Defense
Low Strike Outs, Age
Cost In Prospects To Acquire Compared To Headley,Back-loaded Contract

It’s hard to go wrong with either option over Juan Uribe. What it really comes down to is do we want to pay in prospects or salary. Headley will likely cost us our top prospect in Zach Lee plus others. Ramirez on the other hand will be more of us taking on his back-loaded contract, but still cost in prospects as well.

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