Dodgers Rumors: Carlos Correa Expected to Sign for More Than Seager, Will LA Make Big Offer?

With Major League Baseball still at a standstill due to an owner-imposed lockout, top unsigned free agents like Carlos Correa and Freddie Freeman will have to wait to begin or continue negotiations on what will certainly be mega-deals.

Days after the lockout began, the MLB rumor mill started buzzing with speculation after MLB insider Jon Heyman mentioned the Dodgers as a team ‘you can’t rule out for Correa.’ With the free agency process at a halt, we are left to speculate on where some of the big-name free agents that LA has been linked to will ultimately sign.

The question with Correa is, will he consider signing a shorter-term, high AAV with opt outs, or will he sign a long-term deal worth north of $300 million-plus?

Well, we might have our answer.

MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal appeared on The Athletic’s Baseball Show Podcast and said that he feels that Correa will ultimately sign a 10-year deal and that it could exceed Corey Seager’s 10-year, $325 million deal with the Rangers.

“Well maybe Correa will sign for shorter because this has lingered and now, he’s going to be available, a lot of the bigger free agents have signed, it’s going to be a mad rush with all the free agents, but I don’t see that happening and I don’t see Carlos Correa having his price drop simply because there’s a lockout, simply because he did not sign before December 1. He remains what he was entering the offseason, the best available free agent on the market. Because of his age. Because of what he’s accomplished. All of that. I still think he’s getting 10 years; I still think he’s getting $300 million-plus and I believe he still might get over Corey Seager.”

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We discuss if Carlos Correa’s long-term contract demands would be a nonstarter for the Dodgers and if LA would ever seriously consider offering him a contract worth upwards of $325M+. Plus, is Correa worth his sky-high asking price and who is the Dodgers long-term solution at shortstop?

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Obviously nothing is going to happen prior to a CBA. Two Texas teams, Detroit, Yankees and Dodgers either didn’t make offers that met Correa’s needs or didn’t offer at all. When the CBA is signed Friedman will follow his plan based on the limitations of the CBA. He needs pitching, left handed bat, and a SS for 23 and beyond. He has a a top SS signed for this year that has improved every year in the league. Correa’s best year is when he knew what pitch was coming.

    1. I agree with your comments, but feel that Correa is a gamer, He comes ready to play at an elite level. He is a player that you build around. Salary cap limitations will dictate the paTh that the Dodgers take. I feel that they already have good options for 2022 so it may be best to wait and see if Lux breaks out this year. I thought Lux’s bat came to life at the end of the year and that he played well when he was in there at shortstop so he could be the one to replace Trae Turner if Turner doesn’t resign.

      1. I think it interesting that his current team who knows him better than anyone doesn’t come close on his contract demands. He wants a deal north of what LA offered CS, I don’t see that happening. Yankees need a SS more than any big market team and they didn’t offer.

  2. Isn’t there something more DODGERS related, that we can share our thoughts/opinions, about?!?

  3. After the Trevor Bauer megadeal blew up as it did, might be time to see who among players under contract can turn into a pleasant surprise or two. Correa wants too much money.

  4. I will quit being a fan if they sign him. We need to sign Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, and Carlos Rodon, and trade for a starting pitcher like Shane Bieber, Kyle Hendricks, and or Tyler Glasnow.

  5. I have watched a lot of Trea Turners baseball career. It would be easier to count the games I missed than the games I watched.

    With that being said I am not sure the Dodgers will be the team Turner signs a longer term contract. He is one season from free agency and a big paycheck to play SS. I think the Dodgers already know this so they are reaching out to Correa.

  6. The Dodgers don’t need the Astro cheater Correa. Trea Turner at short. Lux at second. Get a couple starting pitchers. Play ball.

    1. Pretty well.known..Turner is not staying in LA…if Seager had signed…it has come out they were going to trade Turner at the allstar break…for sure now…he probably is gone

  7. the dodgers arent going to sign correa. then rheyd have 2 ten year contracts which is even more stupid than having one. players dont wish to play for LA to win titles. they do it because they want to get overpaid. the dodgers have a history of flushing cash down the drain . stars are fine as long as its a good deal for the team . low cost shorter years younger guys with a sense of team concepts for a group mentality. thats almost impossible to have when you cant trust your manager and it bred discontent throughout the organization and the feelings turn sour then resentment follows and internally some start to disrespect the dodgers because theyve kept roberts and his disastrous mind on the team to make world series hunts blow up in everybodys faces every year. ten year contracts breed discontent too. the team went outside the organization to pick up betts and had to let their own star seager walk instead of signing their own stars which strengthen unity. no knock on betts. hes great. its just that he was too pricey. the dodgers had to take on price for 2 whole seasons and eat another 30 mil. and his permanent vacation i cant wait to retire im just going to cruise into retirement on low idle attitude and that rubs off on the youth. they soon start to adopt a little of uncle prices attitude and pretty soon the players are starting to gripe internally or amongst themselves about being underpaid and it shows on the ballfield and performance. and it wears on them and has a draining effect on their energy levels and they cant help it but to self destruct like what happened with atlanta. they just gave up in the end. roberts drains their energy with his frustrating moves and irritates the players with his misguided beliefs. its better to dump roberts and price then bring jansen back . let him retire a dodger. fire then hire a new manager with more tactical and strategy in his gameplan. almost any improvement would be an upgrade over roberts. and a step in the right direction. signifigant improvement would be even better. you know it just occured to me that greinke would make a great manager if he could handle his social anxiety disorder. hed be a little weaker in that department but alot stronger with manuevering and planning and probably with tactics. the dodgers need more brains in the organization to team up with friedman who has a few weaknesses in his thinking. but not as many as roberts. id pay him off the final year like they did with mattingly and id overpay greinke to manage and treat him like gold to try and keep his mind talents around for a few years.the dodgers problem is they neerd to hire smarter competitors to infiltrate the organization although friedman has weaknesses we all do and a larger group of better brains could cancel out everybodys strategic and tactical deficiencies. the dodgers lose too much brainpower every year losing guys like woodward. which means to solve that problem they should hiremore well educated rookie talents out of college. or seek out the brainpower throughout the world. magnus carlson plays great chess you might want to hire himand bang your heads together to see what you come up with. you need more than one thinker creator and inventor always because problems are too much too handle from one central authority or one man. multiple minds are needed to delegate authority and bang ideas around to solve problems.friedman cant do it by himself. the organization is weakened every year losing coaches and potential managers. the only way to solve that is to hire minds outside of baseball to take the dodgers and the game of baseball to the next level. a level thats never been acheived before. thats my level. the army mike level.

  8. It’s always about money. The owners are making billions, the players millions and the fans have to pay. OK. We live in the new Roman Empire which is falling apart, like the old one did. The people are restless. The owners see the end is coming. So it’s the hyper version of the bread and circus thing the Romans used to do, with the players as new gladiators. The hoi poloi have to be distracted. But the gladiators won’t stay quiet. Why? Because as every gladiator knows, no gladiator can last forever.
    Trevor Bauer is a gladiator with a strange appetite, Kershaw is an old beat up one, Albert Pujols has learned how to survive battle after battle because he understands the game and the system that it’s embedded in. That’s why he goes to the warm places to continue playing baseball during the cold season in the north. Playing the game is the thing. Get away from the money obsession (well done CT3) and play the f-ing game.
    Yes, the players (gladiators) deserve to make a decent living. Capitalism dictates that the owners have to maximize their profits no matter what. The “no matter what” ends up in a disregard for the health and welfare of the gladiators and their fans. And so we come back to the beginning: It’s always about money. Should it be?
    Go watch some high school baseball, or even some second-tier college ball if you want to really see the game being played for fun and love of the game. Ask Mr. Ichiro.

    1. I’d like to see the Dodgers modeled after those giants teams who won championships and that includes the managing position. Those guys just went out and played the game. The Dodgers don’t know how to build a real team, a few years ago it seemed like they going more for that kind of model but they’ve strayed from that tremendously. This is not a cohesive unit at all and 2021 was definitely the most frustrating and puzzling team in recent history, they won 106 on pure talent. Over a full season good players will get their numbers and that obviously results in wins but it means nothing in October unless you just happen to run into a bunch of luck like injuries to the other team, bad managing from the opposition, bad defense, bad pitching etc, but that just doesn’t happen too often for 3 straight playoff series. You gotta make your own breaks with team oriented baseball and chemistry. This team lacks both, they don’t have the burning desire to win together and they don’t do whatever it takes, they wanna win their own way as if they’re still trying to add to their career stats like it’s the season. Can’t forget the Fluberts factor either. Ownership and FO need to do a major shakeup, get the right group of players together, guys like Taylor, Betts.. minimize the mega contract superstars, keep it to one at most, I think Betts is the right type of guy, gets paid a ton of money but is a real player. Then last but not least, get a manager who’s also on board with this style of baseball, it’ll all mean nothing without the right manager. Imagine the greatness this organization is capable of if they just started doing things right. They could become the team in the NL with the most championships overall. They could use their financial might on top notch starters because you need that in October, but for the offense go for more team oriented scrappy guys with speed mixed in too

    2. I wouldn’t give Chris Taylor that much credit…if he would have gotten a substantial more amount of money he would have probably left….great to take a discount…but it is a business….easy to want to take a discount when it is not your money….offer a guy with a history of problems in Bauer the moon….then want to worry about spending on players who have good character…yes …it’s all about business

  9. No on Correa, never. It would be like having Rommel as a General in the Army after WWII, or Lee after the Civil War. Yes, Correa is a great player but his presence on the Dodgers would be wrong, would disrupt team chemistry, and would cost too much money. Extend Trea Turner, period.

  10. Wait! The Dodger fans not only booed him relentlessly in LA, but also threw trash cans, bottles and cups onto the field because of alleged cheating? Yet the Dodgers ( along with the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, etcetc) also cheated numerous times but MLB did nothing,but made the Astros their scapegoat now willing to forget about it and dying for Correa to play for the Dodgers? Owners, organizations and fans like those in LA deserve nothing, they are the lowest of the low and Correa will stay in Houston because all the money in the world will not allow him to play for such a classless team full of classless people.

    1. Seriously Larry? Astros as scapegoats? Not one single player got fined. They all kept their WS rings. The manager got a slap on the wrist and got a new job as soon as he was able. The owners cashed in like never before. The fans never cared. And you come with a “holier than thou” attitude.

      If the game is so corrupted by cheating then why bother to watch it and support any team?

      Read a book. Take a walk in the fresh air. Find a different way to enjoy life. Or, do as Mr. Ichiro advises, and go watch a high school game. Cheating is still frowned upon there (I hope!).

    2. THIS is exactly when I wish this comment section had thumbs up/down. Your classless ass would be down-thumbed off the site.

  11. do NOT even talk to, let alone sign Correa. Get Trae to sign a LT deal, assuming the shutdown ends and we have baseball again.

    1. Joe, I fully agree with ya here. Dodgers cannot even think of signing Correa because pitching is WAY MORE OF A NEED anyway. Hopefully Dodgers can extend Trea Turner but until a new CBA is reached nobody gets signed or traded unless it’s a minor league deal. First things first—Manfred must be dispatched from the Commissioner’s office. Then maybe a new CBA can get done.

  12. Don’t hire a Houston astro, it’s bad enough Robert’s is still head hoach

  13. Someone has got to tell Friedman ir Roberts that Correa has a back problem before they even think about making that cheater an offer!!!

  14. Don, that is some great insight! Imagine IF the Bauer assault situation didn’t happen, and the injuries to Belli, Seager, Betts, May, Rios, Kersh, etc. didn’t happen the way they did. Imagine that lineup and rotation going into October. Do you think they would’ve had the chemistry and team cohesion? I have to admit, AF pulled some magic to piece together that team with his mid season acquisitions.

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