Dodgers Rumors: Changes In Front Office May Take Place

[new_royalslider id=”35″] The Los Angeles Dodgers have already matched last season’s win total with two games remaining and they’ve won 92 games in consecutive seasons for the first time since the 1977 and 1978 seasons.

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Whereas last year they began the postseason on the road, the Dodgers have home-field advantage in the NLDS this time around. By all accounts, the Dodgers to this point have a successful season. Yes, it came with bumps along the way and another deficit in the standings, but they stayed the course and repeated as National League West champions.

Despite what the Dodgers have accomplished thus far, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reports a poor showing in the postseason could lead to personnel changes:

We’ve already seen the Padres and Diamondbacks dump their general managers, and the D-Backs fire their manager. Well, the movement in the NL West is almost certain to continue in Colorado, where some type of front office shakeup is expected. And it could even extend to Los Angeles, depending upon how the Dodgers play in the postseason.”

One of the clouds hanging over the franchise last season was manager Don Mattingly’s contract situation. He managed the team in 2013 in the final season of a three-year deal, however his contract vested for 2014 when the Dodgers reached the NLCS.

The perceived reluctance to extend Mattingly during the season was tied him not being a hire of the new (Guggenheim) ownership. For that matter, general manager Ned Colletti was another personnel member whom they inherited.

Eventually, Mattingly and the Dodgers came to terms on a new three-year deal that kicked in this season. While the Dodgers extended Mattingly, a change was made on the bench as Trey Hillman was not retained as bench coach.

The Dodgers began the year with expectations of reaching the World Series, but injuries and another slow start had many doubting they’d advance to the Fall Classic. Considering the Dodgers got as far as Game 6 of the NLCS in 2013, they made need to at least reach that point this year to avoid the changes Rosenthal hints at.

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  1. Mattingly has his up and down. But over all he is an average coach. We must find a manager who has credentials that can keep up with the team cemestry. We have good players for the next three years. But I dont know if they are happy with Mantingly. He just does not show any motion with his frustration.. There are good Managers out there. But becareful what you wish owners. It might bight you in the ass. We have what it takes. Talk with the players and see what they want. Lets go Dodger Blue Crew and Owner. we looking good so far. Mr. McLeod fan for 6o years.

  2. Ned Colletti has been one of the worst GM’s in baseball and should have been fired 3 years ago

  3. Yes. Make some big changes. Get rid of the money-grubbing hedge fund guys in the front office who think they can buy success in baseball by soaking the fans and paying a lot of big egos to show up on a rotating basis. Time to put the games back on free TV, too, since the biggest fans (the little people) can’t afford cable — and the subscriber list for cable is shrinking nationally, anyway (19% of households don’t have it now). What marketing data are the owners looking at anyway? As middle class incomes go down, who thinks fans can pay more and more? Time for some real teamwork, not just a bunch of bean counters and show boaters trying to maximize their own $$$ gain without finding out who the real fans are and tailoring their efforts to make this a team effort L.A. can be proud of.

  4. Ned Colleti and Mattingly have to be gone NOW. They’re both crap and Mattingly just does some of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

  5. Fire Ned Colletti! I would take it easy on Mattingly, sure he’s not perfect but, he’s not the one who for example put the lame bullpen together.

  6. The sooner we get rid of NC and DM the better. Definitely need to gut the bullpen except for Kenley.

  7. Donny has no heart as a coach I honestly feel Like Matheny wanted to win the series more. We need a stronger leader for our strong personality amazingly talented players!… And let’s not even jump into Ned’s history of deal making

  8. This loss is on Ned, he did not improve the bullpen and picked up both Correia and Hernandez, both were left off the NLDS because they stunk. The Dodgers need some new blood at the GM helm, along with some fresh faces on the team. We need 1-2 more starters, we need to trade Ethier, if we sign Hanley, move him to third.

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