Dodgers Rumors: Dodgers Interested In Carlos Lee

A few days ago we mentioned the Dodgers’ interest in Wandy Rodriguez, and that Carlos Lee might be included in a package deal. After losing three games to the A’s and only scoring the runs in the process, the Dodgers seek protection for Andre Ethier.

Lee is in the final year of his contract with the Astros and makes $18.5 million with a partial no trade clause. The clause blocks trades to major market teams, which would include the Dodgers. That said, it would most likely cost some sort of incentive for Lee to waive the no trade clause.

Lee’s numbers this year aren’t bad, he’s hitting to the tune of .301 AVG | 4 HR | 25 RBI, but what’s most impressive is that he only has 13 strike outs. Still, his wOBA is at .336 as we speak, which is slightly above average. However, with Loney’s .284 wOBA it’s a massive improvement.

If Lee can stay healthy he could be a nice addition for the Dodgers. However, the price seems pretty steep for a marginal upgrade at first base.

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