Dodgers Rumors: Friedman To Involve Third Team in Fernandez Trade

It’s sounding more and more as if the Dodgers really want Jose Fernandez. We’d already heard one report that had the Dodgers as “the favorite” to land him, this lends a little more credence to that idea.

It is definitely worth noting, though, that teams rarely go out of their way to help another organization land a pitcher with that level of talent and at his age.

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Here’s Ken Rosenthal, whose source leaked him the information:

Given the reports that have made there way across social media both Monday and Tuesday, it does seem as if the leaks from either side are pointing toward the Dodgers eventually winding up with Fernandez.

As we said earlier, the Marlins have to say they don’t want to trade him. It benefits their asking price.

When it leaks that the Dodgers are most likely to land him as it did earlier Tuesday, it either means the Marlins are trying to raise the price from other teams (12 such organizations have reportedly called Miami regarding Fernandez) or the Dodgers want it known they are in the lead. Either way, the reports have a lot to do with the direct negotiations between Miami and Los Angeles.

As we’ve said these last two days, this is definitely a story worth keeping an eye on. These reports are hammering that point home as the week goes along.

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