Dodgers Rumors: Team Considered ‘The Favorite’ for Fernandez

Here’s a fun exercise in leverage…

The Miami Marlins are claiming their young ace Jose Fernandez is untouchable, but if they say anything other than that, the asking price in return plummets. So, of course the Marlins brass are saying that kind of thing.

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If you’ve ever heard the cliche “wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire” the level of heat surrounding rumors on this front is impossible to ignore.

CBS’ Jon Heyman released a report Tuesday morning, saying the talks between the Dodgers (and at least one division rival) and Marlins “percolating”.

Here’s what he had to say:

Marlins president Michael Hill has suggested that Fernandez is “not available,” but adds the caveat that he’s willing to listen to overwhelming offers.

Okay, so there’s what I was talking about to kick off our article. Hill has no choice but to say this kind of thing or else risk not getting back a decent haul for one of the most talented pitchers in that franchise’s history.

Heyman continues:

The Dodgers are thought to be adamant about keeping young shortstop Corey Seager, but someone with knowledge of the situation said they are at least having discussions about deals that would involve top young pitching prospect Julio Urias in a large package of young players.

The Dodgers might be considered the favorite for Fernandez, thanks to their need for a top starter, if there could be such a thing as a favorite for a player who is said to be unavailable.

When Andrew Friedman took over, he made rebuilding the farm system a priority for a couple reasons: first, to create sustainable balance within the entire organization and, second, to have enough quality prospects to make moves like this without gutting said farm system.

It is crazy to think the Dodgers might be able to make a move like this AND still have the assets necessary to trade for Aroldis Chapman (whose price is probably considerably lower at the moment)) if they so choose. Those moves can also be accompanied by some free agent signing if need be, to make the offseason quite the success, all things considered.

For what it’s worth, long-time Miami columnist and radio host Dan LeBatard felt pretty adamantly the Dodgers would wind up with Jose Fernandez on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption”, and while it was a brief comment, he is undeniably plugged-in to the sports scene in Miami. Take with that what you will.

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  1. Dodgers need to make a multiple team trade for Fernandez, offering Crawford to the third team (assuming 75% of his contract) and Urias, and the 3rd team sending a couple of prospects to Miami in exchange for Crawford.

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