Dodgers Rumors: Kenley Jansen Is The Marlins Top Target

Kenley Jansen is one of the most wanted closers in the majors this off-season. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Miami Marlins have ranked Jansen as their top target in free agency.

But why is he the top closer in baseball?

During his season with the Dodgers, Jansen was the most reliable pitcher in their bullpen. He was never injured and excelled when Dave Roberts and his teammates needed him.

Kenley Jansen’s 2016 Stats:

Kenley Jansen (3-2) 68.2 35 14 14 11 104 2 1.83

Now why do the Miami Marlins want to pursue Jansen?

Dodgers News: Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen Reject Qualifying Offers

The Marlins will have a difficult time trying to build their rotation with the death of the late José Fernandez.

Miami is a team that is not known to spend much in the off-season. However, the Marlins did spend $80M on Wei-Yin Chen last offseason and Jansen may very well surpass that amount.

The Marlins would be a possible option for Jansen for two reasons:

  • His relationship with former Dodgers manager Don Mattingly
  • Miami is in close proximity to his home country of Curacao

Since rejecting the Dodgers qualifying offer, it seems that there is a chance Kenley Jansen will not don a Dodgers uniform in 2017.

If Jansen joins the Marlins, the bullpen will include right-handers A.J. Ramos, Kyle Barraclough, and David Phelps.

What do you think the Dodgers need to do to keep Jansen?

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  1. Given the creativity of the Dodgers FO. one possibility is to “sign and trade” Jansen for Dee Gordon.  It would allow the Marlins not to give up their first draft pick and the Dodgers FO would correct their past mistake of trading Gordon, our leadoff hitter and 2nd baseman.  Marlins could be further enticed by including Kike Hernandez in the trade and returning him to the Marlins. Dodgers would still need to sign Chapman or Melancon or trade for Wade Davis.

  2. Skythomsen I would rather them sign Jansen over ANY other closer. Chapman is a distant second to him. Davis is injured quite often and Melancon was erratic early on. I would much prefer they try and trade for Brian Dozier of the Twins to play second. I’m sorry but I don’t ever think of the Dodger’s FO and creativity in the same sentence. All the money in the world and Friedman spends like it’s HIS own money.

  3. Skythomsen FA who signs a contract has an automatic “no trade” right through June 15th. The player can waive this right, but if he does he can be traded only for cash and/or player contracts with a maximum aggregate value of $50,000 — so a trade for Gordon is out of the question.  Marlins lose its first round pick by signing Jansen, not second round.

  4. Bye, Bye Kenley.  Another Dodger corner piece on his way to Florida to play for Donnie Baseball and avoid state income tax.

  5. Brad Machado Skythomsen You are right on Brad. This isn’t Tampa Bay’s payroll limits. Neither is he a decent judge of talent nor team needs.. ! He and Ziedi should know that The Dodgers will draw 3.5 million fans a year .. every year and afford to pay some dollars $$ to get some decent players so as to compete…. And not to mortgage (devistate) Kershaw’s career to a losing team… Sad..

  6. DavidLyons1 Brad Machado Skythomsen I read somewhere recently that the Dodgers make over 70 million a year in parking and souvenir sales alone!  Spend it on a REAL player or players. Enough broken down, sore-armed .500 pitchers on the roster already

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