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Dodgers Rumors: Josh Reddick To Sign With Astros

First news of Dodgers’ OF, Josh Reddick possibly suiting up in an Astros uniform in the 2017 season came from MLB columnist for Yahoo Sports, Jeff Passan.

Passan reported the only thing standing between the free agent and an Astros uniform is a pending physical.

According to sources, Reddick is expected to sign a four-year contract worth more than $50 million.

The Astros acquired ex-Yankee, Brian McCann less than an hour before the Reddick announcement. Astro’s GM Jeff Luhnow has focused on building a core that includes Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Alex Bregman.

Houston will bring in two left-handed bats to replace Colby Rasmus, who had a below average 2016 season.

Josh Reddick’s Time in Los Angeles

Reddick’s time in L.A. was short lived, as the Dodgers acquired the outfielder from the Oakland A’s at the trade deadline. He finished the season batting .258/.307/.335 with two home runs and nine RBI’s with the Dodgers.

Reddick was a much needed reinforcement back in August with many Dodgers’ outfielders on the disabled list, and in some cases moved down to Triple-A, but with the return of players like Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig, his presence was no longer required.

L.A. will miss you Reddick!

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  1. My prediction, Reddick will have very good hitting stats playing half of his games in Houston’s hitter friendly park and some Dodgers fans will criticize the front office for not re-signing him.

  2. Good riddance .. Now follow up with a house cleaning of those low rent players like Kike.. Most of the bullpen and get a BAT for next year..!

  3. Reddick was simply a rental player, such are those that have been acquired in the trade deadlines of the past couple years. Reddick made the team too left handed dominant offensively and as a result, since he could not hit LHP to save his life along with other Dodger hitters, the opponents thew as many LHP at us as possible and that was one reason why Dodgers missed out on the WS yet again.  I have no problem with Reddick going to Houston, as I know Dodgers were not about to give him that 4 year 52 million dollar deal.

  4. pauldodgerfan1965 Still… Good bye. Makes room for someone who WANTS to play for The Dodgers..

  5. I met Josh during the final season series in SFO.  I was hoping the Dodgers would keep him as he is much better defensively than Useless Puig.  Also he did hit one out for a grandy which not too many Dodgers did this season.  Roberts should have played him more and given Puig more nap time on the dugout bench as Reddick has a much better attitude and work ethic than Puig!

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