Dodgers Rumors: LA Interested in Trading for Nolan Arenado, Should They go All-In on the Superstar?

Rumors are swirling about the Dodgers’ interest in trading for Colorado Rockies elite third baseman Nolan Arenado. First, former MLB general manager Jim Bowden predicted on MLB Network Radio that Nolan Arenado would be traded home to LA by Christmas, then MLB.com’s Jon Morosi confirmed the Dodgers’ interest in making a move for the 5-time all-star third basemen.

We break down the latest Nolan Arenado trade rumors, who the Dodgers would include in a potential deal, and whether LA should go all-in on Arenado.

Plus, the best Dodgers fan tweets on the Nolan Arenado trade to LA rumors.


This is biggest rumor on the hot stove so far this offseason. Still, the question is would the Dodgers really make a big-time blockbuster splash two offseasons in a row? And would they add this much payroll with several homegrown stars needing to get paid soon?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll discuss this more as the offseason unfolds.


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  1. They should do it. First of all he is the best fielding third baseman in mlb. And the pressure to be the number one hitter in this lineup is gone and that should him offensively. Money wise it won’t be a problem. I’m sure the dodgers will raise ticket prices and all other ways to make revenue. And dodger fans are chopping at the bit to return to dodger stadium and spend 20 dls on a beer. S

  2. Absolutely NO on Arenado. One, he can’t hit outside of Coors field. This past season outside of Colorado was not the down year aberration. It is entirely in line with his home-road splits. Two, it’s not a good look to let the team leader go especially since he still rakes. Third, this will lead to letting Seager walk in a year.

    1. Ed, long time Dodger fan here I agree with all that you said. Still he’s a good glove but another veteran commanding big bucks that has already peaked. JT is still about a 290 to 300 avg anywhere the Dodgers play with a good glove and you don’t want to lose Seager either.

    2. I agree with you. We have a great a great team right now. Justin has a few good years left. He is the team leader and such a presence in LA and the Dodgers. ??????????

    3. I’m a looong time Dodger fan (1959). I agree. If Arenado opts out after one year, the Dodgers can only handle so many Super Star salaries. He’ll be 30 years old next April. Turner is so much more than a good player on the field. His value in the dugout and clubhouse is immense! Also, we need to keep Seager and other young stars when their contracts come up.

      1. “…the Dodgers can only handle so many Super Star salaries.”

        Why? Why is it repeatedly stated like a fact they can only handle so many big salaries? If my math is right, their TV contract of $8.2 billion over 25 years brings them over $330 million/year before one person buys a ticket to sit in the stadium.

        Fast forward a couple years…lets suppose the biggest salaries are Betts, Bellinger, Buehler, Seager, LeMahieu, Urias and Arenado total $170 million total. A few other large contracts like Kershaw and whoever total another $30 million. Luxury tax (CBT) threshold keeps rising so in this hypothetical year it is $225 million. Lots of youngsters at the league minimum of maybe $575,000 by then. A few larger arbitration contracts and they are likely near (over?) the CBT.

        In my example they also sign LeMahieu which I admit would be getting tight for the CBT, but not from a cash standpoint unless my calculator is broken.

        They can also bring back JT as I’m confident the National League will continue with the DH in 2021. If these things happen it would be one heck of a lineup!

        It’s Hot Stove season…we can dream right?

    4. Yes please top 5 playercin the league. Best defensive third basemencin the league. I love jt so sign him for dh.

  3. Forget giving up assets in trade for 1 year of service or the complications of a contract renegotiation. If Arenado is unhappy and wants to play for a contender, he should put his money where his mouth is and opt out next year. The Dodgers can look at him then – or not.

  4. Do the trade only if Colorado agrees to pay part of his salary and Arenado agrees not to walk after 2021 and stays in LA for the rest of his contract.

  5. Jim Bowden is not a reliable source. He speaks based on speculation. The Dodgers have had interest in Arenado since JT’s last contract.

  6. To be honest Seager is a priority to get extended and because of his agent, Scott Boras this will be time consuming. Again, if the DH remains in NL, then certainly there’s room to also bring Turner back but WSS.

  7. Could it also be that Dodgers may be already convinced they won’t be able to extend Seager based upon what Boras would demand in both $$$and length of contract? IDK

    1. Pauldodgerfan1965, if that’s the case, the Dodgers won’t be able to re-sign Seager, then acquire Francisco Lindor instead of Arenado!

      1. Steve, I get it but if the choice gets down to trading for Arenado or using that $$$ to extend Seager, my guess is that most would prefer to keep Seager instead, if for no other reason than Corey is 4 or 5 years younger and we saw what he was able to do in 2020 including the Post Season. Also consider that after the next couple seasons Dodgers must think about retaining Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias. To be honest they are priorities as well.

  8. As much as love the idea of having him on this squad it’s a no go. All the dodgers need is Trevor Bauer!. Offer him a 2 year 70 mil contract and we have 2 more rings guaranteed.

  9. The answer is no, it will cost the Dodgers too much in lost personnel who have helped the team. While Arenado would be good for the Dodgers he is getting older and his best days are behind him. Unless the Dodgers can acquire him without losing too much of the future.

  10. Perhaps if the DH remains in the NL, chances of a JT return are much better. In any case Dodgers won’t be trading for or signing any player unless he can play a position on the field, meaning not someone who can only hit. Not saying Arenado gets traded here, but he does field a position quite well.

  11. Actually I can’t see Dodgers pursuing Arenado for just 1 year of team control before he can opt out. Obviously that opt out claus would have to be adjusted somewhat.

  12. Does anybody have Arenado stats when he hits AT Dodger Stadium? How about Trevor Story hitting @Dodger Stadium too? I’m going to put this out there if Seager(Boras) asks for the universe, how about going after Trevor Story for SS. Arenado and Story both are Right-handed batters!

    1. Trevor Story is also a FA after the 2021 season. Only if Dodgers become convinced that Seager can’t be extended. Dodgers won’t do deals for 1 year of control on either player. Not sure of how Arenado and Story fare offensively outside of Coors but I have reason to believe they would do well enough in Dodger Stadium, which has shown to be more hitter friendly that past few seasons. Look what Dodgers have done and recall those post season games played here this year by the A,’s and Astros. Mind you, most players do hit better at Coors than other parks. I am hoping they can re- sign Seager instead however.

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