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Dodgers Rumors: LA Is Interested In Ray Infielder Logan Forsythe

The Los Angeles Dodgers have interest in many players but have not which players can fit into the missing pieces. According to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Dodgers have interest in Tampa Bay Rays infielder Logan Forsythe.

Forsythe, who plays both second and third base would be a possible fit since Howie Kendrick has been traded. It is unsure if Justin Turner will return to the Chavez Ravine in 2017, but it will depend on the price that the Dodgers are willing to pay to Forsythe.

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Even though his numbers do not compare to Justin Turner in 2016, the Dodgers had interest in Forsythe during the trade deadline, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

Since Forsythe does play both second and third base, the majority of his playing time happened at second base. That would mean there would still be a spot open at third.

Here are the 2016 stats for Logan Forsythe:

Logan Forsythe 511 76 135 20 52 0.264 0.333 0.778

Here are the 2016 stats for Justin Turner:

Justin Turner 556 79 153 27 90 0.275 0.339 0.832

Dodger fans are going to get concerned with the front office if they don’t start to make some trades or re-signing some fan favorites.

What do you think of Logan Forsythe becoming a Dodger?

The Possibility of A Dodgers and Rays Trade


  1. this is the right guy for Dodgers IF Rays will accept a reasonable package of players in return.  Hits LH’ers as well as RH’ers, can play 3b, 1b, and LF; fields his position well.

  2. Socalbum
    Good day, SoCal!   Key here as you say is a REASONABLE package of players, and of course players NOT named Bellinger.  Logan Forsythe could fit in well at 2B if JT is re-signed but good to know he also is a fit at 3rd as well.  Another key is hios hitting against LHP.

  3. This would be an understatement should Dodgers especially miss the boat at the Winter Meetings.

    Dodger fans are going to get concerned with the front office if they don’t start to make some trades or re-signing some fan favorites.

  4. From MLBTR:  
    Most of the damage the right-handed Forsythe has done the past two years has come against lefties (.287/.350/.543 in 317 PAs), which surely appeals to a Dodgers team that posted a league-worst .213/.290/.332 line versus southpaws in 2016.

  5. I just don’t see this report as any more than the Dodgers doing their due diligence.  Kinsler and Dozier are superior options to Forsythe.  If there is a deal to be had for 2B, it will be with either the Twins or Tigers.

  6. yarritsblake
    Kinsler is 34, has Dodgers on his no trade list, so that in of itself should kill any interest in him, especially if Tigers want Bellinger.  I don’t do deals with trading a 21 year old up and coming star for an aged vet.

  7. pauldodgerfan1965 yarritsblake I understand the Dodgers are on his no trade list.  There are also reports that Kinsler will only ok a trade to the Dodgers if he is extended.  Lots of players put major market teams like the Dodgers and Yankees on no-trade lists so they can hold leverage to be extended in circumstances like this.  Additionally, you cite Kinsler’s age but ignore that he has the #2 fWAR over the last 3 years behind only Jose Altuve.  So he is greatly productive and considering we managed just fine with a below-average offensively, 38 year old Chase Utley last year, his age does not concern me.  I will agree 100% that if the Tigers are asking for Bellinger it instantly kills the deal.  For me, especially if Kinsler is going to get extended, the blue chip prospect in the deal will be Calhoun.  If that is the case, then we should certainly inquire about Kinsler.  Calhoun’s bat may be great, but he has a career fielding percentage below .950 in the minors.  Scouting reports say he has poor glovework and reflexes, which limit his ability at 2B.  They also say he lacks the arm for 3B, and lastly that his range and speed limit his usefulness in potentially the only place he could end up: LF.  Take Odor of the Rangers for example: he hit 30 HR last year and hit pretty well overall – but he had the worst defense for all qualified 2B in the majors.  The result was despite him hitting really well, his overall WAR was the Jonathan Schoop and Chase Utley’s last year.

    The asking price on Dozier will be higher than Kinslers because of a number of reasons: 1) He’s younger, 2) He’s cheaper, and 3) The Twins have less reason to move him than the Tigers do Kinsler.

  8. yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965
    Many feel that is a hang up with Calhoun defensively and if he is involved in a deal, I am OK with that.  I believe Dodgers however, have moved on fro the Kinsler considerations and I certainly could not expect Dodgers would want to extend him at his current age of 34.  Dozier would be a good pick up, but I don’t expect that to happen. Another thing to consider is that Kinsler, being very good offensively would be changing leagues, and for some it’s a bit more difficult than for others.  Reddick last year went a whole month with us before getting his first RBI.  But I wasn’;t a fan of that deal anyway as far as Reddick goes.

  9. “…going to get concerns with the front office…” !!!???  They have burned their bridge with me. They pretend to be courting Tier 1 FA and Trades until saying, “the price was too high.”  Then they load up on injury prone Tier 2 & 3 players.  Then when they go down, they say, “Look, we saved the day by having back ups.”  Meanwhile, seasons go by and Kersh, AGon, Turner, Jensen, get older and/or go elsewhere.  We need a World Series team NOW, not maybe in a few years if the kids coming up actually work out.  Been there, seen this, been frustrated by this for almost 20 years.  If they do not re-sign Turner, sign either Jensen or Chapman, sign a solid 2nd baseman and a PREMIER left fielder, while shoring up starting and relief pitching, the front office should be replaced.  That’s a lot you say?  We wouldn’t need all that if FO had done their job last off season and worked harder to extend existing contracts.  We are where we are because the FO treats the Dodgers like a small market team.

  10. Long Time Dodger Fan Which small market team has the highest payroll in the majors?  Which small or big market team has come in first the last 4 years.  Perhaps you missed this season when they were one of the last 4 teams standing and missed the world series by all of 2 games.  Sure sign Trout for left, Cabrera for third, Altuve for second, and get Chapman and Sale also, it’ll be great.  Even that wouldn’t guarantee a world series win, which seems like what you are looking for.

  11. yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 Tigers will not trade Kinsler for Calhoun; they have the same scouting reports as everyone else about Calhoun and Kinsler at age 35 next season remains at the top of his game and Dodgers are not going to trade Bellinger for anyone not named Chris Sale.  Twins will demand a huge return for Dozier.  That is why I think Forsythe is the guy.

  12. Socalbum yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 They wouldn’t trade Kinsler for Calhoun straight up.  But I’ve been consistently floating a package of Calhoun, Stewart, Smith, and Van Slyke/Johnson for a while.  That gives the Tigers a potential replacement for Kinsler in either Calhoun or Johnson (more short term with Johnson), if not Johnson then a usable major league piece in Van Slyke who can play 1B/OF and mash lefties, they receive a good mid-rotation arm in Stewart who has decent upside to be a #3, or fringe #2, and Smith is an athletic catcher that their system sorely needs.  Many that I have talked to feel this would be enough to get Kinsler.  Consider 2B trades over the last couple years:
    -Neil Walker for Jon Niese
    -Howie Kendrick for Andrew Heaney (#25 ranked prospect at the time) and Kendrick was coming off of similar performance years to Kinsler at the time (in terms of fWAR), was younger, and less expensive.
    -Zobrist traded twice.  First time with Yunel Escobar for Boog Powell (never rated in the top 100), Daniel Robertson (ranked as high as 66th pre-2015), John Jaso and cash.
    Second time traded from the A’ to the Royals for Sean Manea (as high as 45th pre-2016) and Aaron Brooks (highly useless reliever).
    Given those trades, I feel as if the trade above proposed for Kinsler makes plenty of sense and is more than fair.

  13. yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 No way do Tigers take that package for Kinsler, quantity does not equal quality..  Johnson will be fortunate to be a ML utility player, Van Slyke may not even be tendered a contract by Dodgers with Ruf and Segedin competing with him for roster spot, where to play Calhoun — turn him into a DH???, Smith may become a quality catcher but so far has only reached Hi A, Stewart is promising but more like a 4 with a chance to be a 3.  IF Tigers will take players not including Bellinger then a package that includes Toles or Verdugo, Austin Barnes who can play 2b and C, and Stewart might do the trick.  Stepping away for a couple of hours, good night.

  14. Socalbum yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 You might be surprised.  The Tigers are looking to offload, and given the market for 2B in the last few years, that type of package headlined by Calhoun will be attractive to them for sure.  Remember Johnson is one year removed from being a highly thought of 2B.  Youth is still on his side, and he has plenty of speed and shown a good enough hit tool to be quite useful – the problem was he did take that major step back this year.  Stewart you forget has absolutely skyrocketed up through our system and shown the upside of a #3/fringe #2.  He had a pretty good cup of coffee outside his first three starts.  Here was his stat line after those first two starts: 19 IP, 2-0, 1.89 ERA, 17/9 K/BB, and 1.26 WHIP.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  Lastly, Will Smith, despite only being drafted this year, already reached High A.  Scouts love his athleticism and compare him to Austin Barnes for that and his bat-to-ball skills.  The Tigers could certainly use a guy like him.  We may disagree on the finer points of the trade, but I think that this is a fair trade for a guy pushing 35 next year that they may be looking to trade to retool and eliminate $21+ million off the books.

  15. yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 Tigers looking to off load, not hold a fire sale or dump all star players.  Kinsler makes $11MM in 2017 with a 2018 option that can be bought out for $5MM.  His contract is not the problem when you compare it to Verlander, Upton, and Zimmerman.  If I am the Tigers and Dodgers make that offer, I tell them that we have other options, including holding on to Kinsler until the trade deadline for a better deal and when you are ready to make an equitable trade give us a call.  By the way, Johnson played here in Charlotte in 2015 and I watched him play several times — thought he was a nice pick up by Dodgers, but the new Charlotte baseball stadium is most definitely a hitters park.  He turns 26 in February.

  16. Janice, don’t you proofread your articles?  Check out the very first sentence of your Forsythe article.

  17. Socalbum yarritsblake pauldodgerfan1965 Oh I understand how his contract isn’t a major issue, he is quite the bargain for $21 million over the next two years, but you’d have to assume he’d require at least a two year extension probably worth $15-20m AAV over those two extra years.  That’s what I am referring to, more or less, on his fiscal cost as apposed to Dozier.  And look I get that you don’t think that package is good enough, we can agree to disagree, but if I were the Tigers that package looks mighty attractive for a 2B turning 35 next year.  As I said Calhoun is consistently ranked 4th to 7th on most prospect lists.  Updated prospect lists (like FanGraphs) consistently have Brock Stewart in the top 10 of our prospects, potentially breaking into the Top 100 for some pre-season lists next year (maybe).  Smith is always ranked in our top 15.  That’s three top 15, two top 10 prospects for a 35 year old 2B.  Compared to what the A’s got for Zobrist that is quite fair indeed – granted Zobrist was a rental for the Royals, but you still get the idea.  We’ll just have to see how this plays out over the next couple months.

  18. bluz1st
    Forsythe would not be a bad trade, and perhaps we wouldn’t have to unload to much in the way of top prospects for him.  But at this point the FO is entertasining an idea of re-signing Chase Utley., as a back up option should they be unable to land a younger, better 2nd baseman.

  19. Hi Paul!………The Kinsler rumor interests me………Forsythe not so much…….I’d prefer they bring up Calhoun and let him play, instead of Forsythe blocking his path. Utley, to me, would be a one year bridge should Calhoun struggle……..I don’t want them to trade Calhoun or Bellinger……..we need to keep getting younger, it’s working.

  20. bluz1st
    The only reason I might include Calhoun in a deal is that he is yet another LHB, and we already have Bellinger, Verdugo, Rios among others in our system and I have ready where defensively Calhoun isn’t quite up to par at 2nd base… yet.  Kinsler is not on my wish list and mainly because he will be 35, and Dodgers are on his no trade list, which leads me to believe he doesn’t want to be here.  I am ok if they brought back Utley but only as a utility guy, as I don’t believe he can endure a full season as a starting player the whole year.  He will be 38 and we saw how he kind of gassed out towards the end of the year.

  21. From another fan(1955) I agree. Get Dozier! Give up De Leon and Calhoun or Stewart,stripling etc. They have lots of pitching for 3 and 4 spots. It’s the best for now (against Rhp) Makes all hitters happy. By the way was stupid trading Kendrick! Also gives Dodgers best chance to keep Kersch in 2 yrs. Maybe they can extend Dozier since nothing at 2nd in minors.

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