Top Dodgers Rookie of the Year Winners

When it comes to winning the National League Rookie of the Year award the Dodgers have had some prominent ball players take this award. Let’s go back in Dodger history and relive the moments of the top Dodgers Rookie of the Year winners.

Brooklyn Dodgers

  • 1947- Jackie Robinson: first african-american baseball player to play in the Major Leagues, broke the race barrier and the award was named after him 40 years later in July 1987. Robinson played in a total of 151 games and had 175 hits, scored 125 runs, 12 home runs and 48 runs in 1947.

  • 1953-Jim Gilliam: second and third baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Spent most of his career with the Dodgers from 1953-1966. Gilliam became one of the first African-American coaches in the league. In 1953, Gilliam was the lead hitter for the Dodgers with 125 runs, 17 triples, second in the league with 100 walks, and third with 21 stolen bases.
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Other notable Rookie of the Year winners:

  • Don Newcombe
  • Joe Black

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • 1981- Fernando Valenzuela: a.k.a “El Toro” was a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1980-1990. In his first season with the Dodgers he was the starting pitcher with an 8-0 record and five shutouts during the 1981 season. Valenzuela instantly became a media icon

  • 1982-Steve Sax: was a second baseman for the L.A. Dodgers from 1981-1988. Sax had a batting average over .300 in three seasons, 40 stolen bases in six seasons giving him a career total of  444 stolen bases. Sax has two World Series rings with the Dodgers, 1981 and 1988.

  • 1993-Mike Piazza:was a catcher for the Dodgers from 1992-1998. In the 1993 season, he appeared in 149 games slugging 35 home runs, hitting .318 and driving 112 RBIs.

  • 2016- Corey Seager: Dodgers shortstop, Corey Seager at only 22-years-old won the 2016 NL Rookie of the Year award. Seager was named second in the National League with 193 hits, fifth in runs at 105 and had a record of 26 homers during the 2016 season.

Other notable Rookie of the Year winners:

  • Frank Howard
  • Jim Lefebvre
  • Ted Sizemore
  • Rick Sutcliffe
  • Steve Howe
  • Eric Karros
  • Raul Mondesi
  • Hideo Nomo
  • Todd Hollandsworth

Which Dodger Rookie of the Year winner would be your No.1 choice?

Dodgers News: Corey Seager Named 2016 NL Rookie of the Year

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