Dodgers Rumors: LA is Top Team for Freddie Freeman if He Doesn’t Re-sign With Braves!

Heading into free agency this winter, Freddie Freeman was fully expected to re-sign with the Atlanta Braves, but a deal never got done before the CBA expired leading to widespread speculation that the former MVP could be open to signing elsewhere. With the Dodgers looking to replace a gaping hole left by Corey Seager, LA continues to be linked to the star free agent first baseman.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, Freeman may ultimately decide between signing with the Dodgers or Braves. A decision by Freeman would have to wait until a new CBA is reached, but just because a deal between the Dodgers and Freeman can’t be agreed upon during the lockout doesn’t mean we can’t take we take a look at what a potential lineup could look like if LA were to sign the 5-time All-Star.

Potential Lineup

Leading off is one of the premier leadoff hitters in the game, Mookie Betts. Following him is one of the most complete hitters in baseball, Freddie Freeman. In the three hole, the reigning NL batting Champion, Trea Turner, who crushed a career-high 28 home runs last season. Cleaning up is the Dodgers most prolific slugger since he joined the club, Max Muncy. Then, batting fifth, is arguably the club’s most clutch bat, who is primed to make his first career all-star team next year, Will Smith.

If he picks up where he left off in the 2021 postseason, Cody Bellinger could move up in the order quickly, but for now we’ll pencil him in at sixth in the order until he proves that his resurgence is real. Then batting seventh at the DH spot, is Justin Turner. Yes, it’s almost unthinkable to have JT this low in the order, but even before he went down with a hamstring injury that ended his season, there was a strong possibility that he would be moved down in the order. Then, coming off his best year in LA is AJ Pollock, followed by the recently re-signed super-utility man, Chris Taylor. My guess is that Doc’s loyalty and penchant for seniority will lead to JT batting higher in the order and possibly starting the season as the opening day starting third basemen with Chris Taylor starting in left and assigning AJ Pollock the DH duties.

But the most pressing question for the Dodgers, if they were to sign Freddie Freeman would be: could Max Muncy get the job done playing primarily at second base and possibly some third when he regains full health? Further, the team would also have to decide on what to do with Gavin Lux. Would they look to trade the talented, young infielder in a trade to help fortify a rotation that is in desperate need of another frontline starter following Scherzer’s decision to sign with the Mets and the continued uncertainty with Trevor Bauer? Or will they keep him and groom him for a utility role?

So, there will be plenty of questions to be answered if the Dodgers are able to add Freeman, but if you can sign a player of his caliber, for a somewhat reasonable contract, you do it one hundred percent of the time.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


    1. That’s what I’m thinking too…that being said, if I’m AF? I find a way to steal him!!! Get this done! A no brainer!!!

  1. Just offer him more than the Braves. The union will put tremendous pressure on him to take the bigger contract. That’s what they did to Seager, right?

  2. Dodgers just used as a negotiating tool to sign a bigger contract with the Braves? Why leave the National Champions?

  3. Interesting, how a lot of these free agent rumors go through the years. Can’t say that Freeman signing with LA would be more than just a few writers tossing their thoughts around. He likes Atlanta. AND Atlanta has $60 mil. of salary space! With Acuna and Albies signed for several years for low dollars! And Morton coming off in two years at age 38 with a current $20 mil contract. A solid guess here is that he signs a 7 year contract for around $30 mil with Atlanta. Can’t see LA offering that amount. We are close to the salary cap right now. And–we have a first baseman. Muncy. Bellinger can play first as we also know. AND—Lux should be given a shot at second. And Rios??? He was a force before the injury. He was probably dealing with that during his bad streak last year. We have bigger fish to fry. In the pitching department.

  4. He would go to the Padres before the Dodgers. Why don’t the writers here just say we need Tatis? how about Ohshani? Trout? Aweful boring and hard up for headlines I suppose. If you guys really want a hit piece how about writing a story about the BIG ELEPHANT in the room. What to do with the 40 million pitcher , that by the way says he will play…

    1. Kirk, besides the 3 year $130 million that Scherzer got with Mets, he said himself another reason for leaving the Dodgers and we know who and what that is….Drrrrrr. But you’re correct about the BIG ELEPHANT in the room. I just wish Freidman and Co. Would realize this as we do.

      1. Yeah Paul, Scherzer made it clear he didn’t think much of Drrrrrrrr and his headscratching baffoon idea of being a manager. Come to think of the Big Elephant Paul, not only will this strike-lockout help with the Drrrrrr contract, but also the Elephant’s contract. He says he intends to play but the Coup’ will be the main topic of conversation. The writers here and in general are avoiding the Truth once again just like they always do in fear of losing their jobs. The manfred Regime would be exposed more than it already is. Silence the crowd and stick to their narratives that their bosses give them. Just as none of these writers would call out drrrrr for his BLATANT bias against Beaty and we find out later we were all correct and they were penny pinching and holding him back at the expense of the team, the divional race, and the play off seedings. At the time they were so arrogant they thought the vagiants would fold. The 40 million pitcher being cast away and deemed guitly already is just one more example of the stiffling od speech…

  5. He would be a great addition to our lineup. We can also sign Kris Bryant to play third and have JT as the DH.

    1. Been saying that for weeks. Dodgers only have $128,800,000 on the books for 2023. Just one year of luxury tax, then freedom…

    1. As much as I’d LOVE to see Freddie in Dodger Blue, pretty sure it’s a pipe dream.

  6. Freeman stays with Braves Muncy stays at first make Taylor play second base full time Trea at short and try Gavin Lux at third sure he’ll be better than JT defensively and he showed some signs of hitting better showing more patience at plate. JT can be the DH and maybe finally can play full season. Ríos can relieve Muncy and AJ with Smith and Barnes catching. Forget about freeman let’s sign Kershaw first!

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