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Dodgers Rumors: Los Angeles in on the Manny Machado Sweepstakes

One of the great things about being one of the richest teams in baseball is always being involved in free agency rumors in some way shape or form. That was demonstrated last week when the Dodgers were noted as the favorites to land Bryce Harper in his free agency. And here we are again, another big name and another big market team. Jon Heyman released the odds on Oriole’s third baseman Manny Machado. He is set to hit free agency at the end of the 2018 season. So what are the Dodgers’ chances?

Well, they are not as good as they are with Harper. Heyman has the Dodgers odds at 20-1 in signing Machado, making them the 7th most likely team to land the standout third baseman. The Dodgers rank behind the White Sox, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Yankees, and Phillies. The Phillies have the best odds at 3 to 1.

Does Los Angeles Need Him?

Another great thing about the Dodgers is that they don’t NEED anyone. Their depth at the minor league level has the team ready to compete for many years, so any added talent is a luxury at this point. So no, they do not need Machado.  But Machado is a career 280 hitter who has averaged over 30 home runs a year and close to 100 runs batted in. Not to mention the fact that he would have an entire shelf of gold glove awards if not for the plethora of star third baseman in the American League.

So while they do not require him to compete, any team would be lucky to have Machado manning the left side of their infield. He is a perennial all-star and arguably a future hall of famer. Not to mention he is just 25 years old.

Where Would He Play?

Let’s say the Dodgers do cough up the millions Machado will demand, and sign him to a big deal. Where would he play on a team that is stacked with young infield talent? Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger will be around for a very long time, so consider their positions occupied for the foreseeable future. Justin Turner is expected to hold down third base at least through the 2020 season. Logan Forsythe is here now, but who knows for how long.

There are a few whacky theories out there, but the one that makes the most sense is moving Justin Turner. Perhaps to first base to give Bellinger some outfield time, or perhaps to second base. That would give Machado the chance to slide into the roster at third. It could also mean the end of Seager’s time as a very large shortstop, since Machado has expressed so much interest in playing short long-term. That would make sense, as0 baseball experts have profiled Seager as a future third baseman since he was drafted.


While they do rank high in the odds, it does not seem likely that the Dodgers will be adding Machado. The new ownership has proven they are not too keen on handing out large, long-term contracts to free agents. Chances are they will be using that money on making Kershaw a Dodger for life,. That seems to be a priority for ownership at this point.

But still..imagine a lineup featuring Machado, Bellinger, Seager, and Turner. Absolutely terrifying.

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  1. unless there is a catastrophic, career altering injury to Corey Seager this season, there is no reason to pursue Machado other than to drive up the price for another team. Harper would be more likely, but that too would be a foolish investment considering the depth of OF talent in the Dodgers pipeline.

    1. Really why in the world would we want a future hall of famer on our team with all the outfield prospects coming through our pipeline? Well simply put a prospect is just that”;a prospect”. To not want a player the caliber of a Bryce Harper is a ” pass the kool- aid Rev.Jones moment and should be a no brainier for management.

  2. One reason I think about signing rental Machado up (don’t want him for the price tag long term), he could make us legit contenders for another WS. The lineup could use one more thumper, especially from the right side. If he could be had for a trio of prospects….. for a half season…. makes me tempted. I want a ring.

    1. Even for half a season it would create problems because there’s no place to put him. An American league team could at least rotate all those players thru the dh but unless someone gets hurt he’s not really a consideration.

    2. The way this team is playing right now, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams couldn’t make this team contenders.

  3. I agree with SoCalBum about Machado and Harper. In addition, both are overrated and will be overpaid by some fools and both are personally poison.

  4. I hope Jon Heyman is correct about Kershaw – “Chances are they will be using that money on making Kershaw a Dodger for life,. That seems to be a priority for ownership at this point.”
    If not, real Dodger fans should abandon ship.

  5. Yeah, lets toss all the money at Kershaw and sign him for life because that’s really has worked out in the post season. Forget about improving the team, that would be foolish and might jeopardise the Dodgers long and endless streak of not winning the World series. The season started with a sewage spill at Dodger stadium, the team has stunk ever since.

  6. Saying the Dodgers don’t need anything because of the Minors being so great is not what Management is all about. Right now they are using retreads and fairly ineffective young players Namely Utley, Forsyth, Kiki, Pederson. They certainly did not need to resign either Utley and Forsyth with this so called great Farm system. In Pederson and Kiki’s case they are only occasionally good players. Seems like those are 4 spots for the likes of Verdugo, Peters, Rios and more. Where the heck is Buehler when Font is so horribly wrong for the team and that time bomb Baez? What kind of franchise philosophy is to not let the best players play or at least give a few young guys a chance? So either play the youth and see what you have or yeah, get both Machado and Bryce.

    1. So right Richard. Dodgers keep telling us about all these great prospects and the writers mimick them but I suspect they arnt really , or we wouldn’t be struggling with the over the hill players you mention. We have no depth or font, Peterson, Forsyth, Utley wouldn’t be here.

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